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2009 DECEMBER 5 – 11

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Copenhagen: Agitators disrupt a meeting of critics of the global-warming myth and deny them an opportunity to speak. Lord Monckton says the agitators acted the same as Hitler’s brown shirts and he is correct. Defenders of liberty must learn how to counter such tactics. Had pro-freedom activists in the room been equally organized and prepared for action, free speech would have been restored. Prison Planet 2009 Dec 10 (Cached)

US: Polls show weak support for healthcare bill — but sponsors are pushing ahead anyway, hoping to get passage bt Christmas.
Washington Times
2009 Dec 10 (Cached)

Bank of America repaid its $45 billion TARP loan by drawing from cash on hand and selling new securities. [Forgive our skepticism, but this story has the smell of fish. Is it possible that the Fed “bought” the securities with taxpayers’ money? If so, it was merely a bookkeeping trick. We will follow this and report what we learn.] AP/Yahoo 2009 Dec 9 (Cached)

US: Congress considers bill to regulate college football playoffs. It is comforting to know that government is looking after such vitally important issues. Once collectivism is accepted as the political model, it always grows until it controls even the most inconsequential aspects of human activity.
AP/Yahoo 2009 Dec 9 (Cached)

Most Britons reject swine-flu vaccine in spite of massive government and media campaign to convince them otherwise. Mercola 2009 Dec 8 (Cached)

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US: Farmers treated as criminals as government runs sting operation against them for selling raw milk. Natural News 2009 Dec 7 (Cached)

Google now will track all users, even those logged out of its system to provide better service, of course. Tech Radar 6 Dec 2009 (Cached)

EU: CIA is to be given broad access to the bank records of millions of Britons — to fight terrorism of course. Times Online 2009 Dec 6 (Cached)

Climategate is totally ignored by Obama, Gore, and the elite media. No surprises there. All of these are partners in the global-warming fraud.
NWV 2009 Dec 6 (Cached)

56 newspapers worldwide will run the same front-page editorial promoting the climate-change myth and supporting the globalist agenda at the Copenhagen climate-change conference this week. Here we see the collectivist mainstream media, not as a reporter of events, but as a major participant.
Guardian 2009 Dec 6 (Cached)

Only 50% of voters accept “man-made climate change” whereas it was almost unanimous a year ago. That’s the good news. The bad news is that globalist politicians don’t care what the public thinks and, this week at the Copehagen Conference, intend to pass drastic laws to tax and control allegedly to combat climate change.
Telegraph 2009 Dec 5 (Cached)

Increasing cases of paralysis and death linked to swine flu vaccine. Yet, so-called experts keep assuring the public that such cases are rare and that benefits outweigh the risk. In truth, there are no benefits. Mercola 2009 Dec 5 (Cached)

Whistleblower web site reveals Yahoo price list for selling its users’ email messages and contact lists to government agencies. Yahoo lawyers threaten action if it is not removed, but it remains posted.
Wired 2009 Dec 4 (Cached)

Why the Swiss have the lowest crime rate in the world. YouTube Posted 2009 Dec 4

US: Goldman Sachs executives fear public rage and a populist uprising; taking out gun permits for protection. Daily Finance Posted 2009 Dec 4 (Cached)

North Korean government issues new currency, giving one new for 100 old. The maximum allowed is equivalent to $740. Those with savings in excess of that will lose it all. The emerging middle class will be destroyed. Inflation caused by fiat money always ends this way. It is the ultimate tax.
Posted 2009 Dec 4 (Cached)

US: Mohammed Sohail spares robber’s life. Gets “thank you” and $50. In this crazy world, good things still happen.
Huffington Post
Posted 2009 Dec 4 (Cached)

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