Glenn Becks Says 9/11 Truth Activists Threaten Obama’s Life: His assigned task is to characterize the movement as violent and dangerous

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From: Infowars

The grand master Mockingbird operative Glenn Beck said today on his nationally syndicated radio show that there are 9/11 truth activists in the White House and they threaten the life of Obama. “He has invited 9/11 truthers into the White House and into his administration… he is in danger.”

featured stories   Becks Says Truth Activists in the White House Threaten Obamas Life
featured stories   Becks Says Truth Activists in the White House Threaten Obamas Life
Glenn Beck says 9/11 Truth activists threaten the life of Obama on his radio show, January 20, 2010.

Beck said Obama should never be left alone and the Secret Service needs to pay special attention to this absurd threat.

In fact, there are no 9/11 truth activists in the White House.

Beck’s comment is apparently a reference to Obama’s “green jobs” adviser Van Jones who signed a petition in 2004 calling for an investigation into the Bush administration’s knowledge of an impending attack. Jones  resigned from his position as Special Adviser in September 2009 after WorldNetDaily, Americans for Prosperity, and other groups criticized his membership in a socialist group and support for the convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal who is serving a life sentence.

Representative Mike Pence (R-Indiana), the chairman of the Republican Conference in the U.S. House of Representatives, and Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas), Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, publicly criticized Jones. Senator Kit Bond (R-Missouri) urged Congress to investigate Jones’ “fitness” for the position. Another critic was Bob Beckel, formerly an official in the Carter administration and currently a political analyst for the Fox News Channel and a columnist for USA Today, who may have been the first and most prominent liberal or Democrat to call for Jones’ resignation.

“I do not agree with this statement and it certainly does not reflect my views now or ever,” Jones said after evidence of his signature on the 9/11 petition surfaced.

The Obama administration is not linked in any way to the 9/11 truth movement. Obama ignored a highly publicized call by actor Charlie Sheen to re-investigate the events of September 11, 2001.

In regard the al-Qaeda, 9/11, and the so-called war on terror the Obama administration is essentially a carbon copy of the previous administration. Obama peddles the supposed al-Qaeda threat and has vowed to escalate the occupation of Afghanistan. He has significantly increased illegal attacks inside Pakistan and has not eliminated CIA torture or dismantled Guantánamo as promised. His administration is a virtual roster of Wall Street insiders and he has kept on Bush’s Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.

In addition, the 9/11 truth movement is not part of the “uber-left,” as Beck claimed on his radio show. Many members of the foundation supported and financed “uber-left” — most notably Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn — have dismissed 9/11 truth out of hand, making them inseparable from the neocons in this regard.

Many 9/11 truth activists and supporters are avowed pacifists and their events are peaceful. They have championed the cause of 9/11 victim familiesBeck claims to hate them) and the shamefully neglected cause of 9/11 first responders.

Glenn Beck’s assigned task is to characterize the movement as violent and dangerous. On June 10, 2009, he declared 9/11 truthers are in league with al-Qaeda and white supremacists, an assertion so absurd as to be almost laughable. He said 9/11 truth activists consider the late James Von Brunn a hero. Von Brunn allegedly shot to death a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. Beck did not provide any evidence of this.

Unfortunately, many if not most of the people who watch and listen to Glenn Beck are ill-informed and believe his absurdist COINTELPRO propaganda.

Beck’s dichotomy is a pre-planned charade. He claims to be a constitutionalist — he titled his latest book after the patriot Thomas Paine’s screed in favor of liberty, Common Sense — and then advocates punitive taxation on the American people in order to pay off a national debt owed to bankers. He tells us he is a Libertarian and yet dismisses Ron Paul as dangerous (and subsequently sidled up to Paul after his failed presidential bid). Beck has called Paul’s supporters dangerous terrorists on numerous occasions. The corporate media continually claims Beck is the leader of the Tea Party movement (that is to say the Tea Party movement hijacked from Libertarians by Republican operatives).

As Alex Jones has noted on numerous occasions, Glenn Beck takes his talking points from him. Media Matters, the supposed media watch dog group linked to the globalist George Soros, said as much in October. “In his response to the announcement that President Obama had been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, Glenn Beck sounded at times like conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, all while continuing to willfully ignore the currents of racially motivated violence flowing within the 9-12 ‘movement’ he is working to build,” said John V. Santore, a former Obama campaign organizer and congressional speech writer.

Beck’s assertion that 9/11 truth activists are in the White House and pose a threat to the life of Obama — a fiction so fantastic it should be characterized as a imponderable fantasy — is merely another attempt to discredit the movement and convince his easily hoodwinked followers that a peaceful political movement is a threat to national security on par with the imagined threat posed by the CIA designed non-organization al-Qaeda.

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