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2010 FEBRUARY 6 – 12

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Arizona Governor opts out of the ‘Cap & Trade’ portion of the Western Climate Initiative because it would hamper economic recovery in the state. That’s putting it mildly. Unfortunately, the Governor does not challenge the global-warming myth that is the basis of Cap-and-Trade, but it’s a step in the right direction. Arizona Republic 2010 Feb 11 (Cached)

77% of mumps-infected patients in New Jersey had been previously vaccinated against mumps. Vaccination has little benefit while carrying many risks. Natural News 2010 Feb 11 (Cached)

Chief lobbyist for Big Pharma quits over failing health care bill. He spent $100 million of the drug companies’ money to push the legislation. Failure is not an option for the pharmaceutical cartel. NY Times 2010 Feb 11 (Cached)

Obama administration pushes for more power to conduct cell-phone tracking without a warrant, claiming that Americans enjoy “no reasonable expectation of privacy” when using cell phones. CNET News 2010 Feb 11 (Cached)

US: Government climate scientist predicts that all 50 US states will have snow on the ground by the end of the week. If so, this may be the first time for such an occurrence since records have been kept. Meanwhile, global-cooling deniers still cling to their myth of global warming.
USA Today
2010 Feb 11 (Cached)

China: A political dissident has been found guilty of “inciting to subvert state power” and was sentenced to 11 years in prison, which is a likely death sentence. His crime is calling for civil rights and an end to the Communist Party. Washington Post 2010 Feb 11 (Cached)

US: Jobs bill carries provision to extend term of the Patriot Act. Instead of promoting it openly, politicians are burying the unpopular legislation inside another bill. Because of this, it is expected to pass. CQ Politics 2010 Feb 11 (Cached)

UK: Secret paper from 2000 reveals government implemented a social engineering program to deliberately create multi-culturalism through massive immigration. It was kept secret, because the public would not have approved.
Daily Mail
2010 Feb 10 (Cached)

US: Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke says interest rates will be raised to pull the stimulus money out of the economy that previously was put into it but not until the economy recovers. In other words, don’t expect it soon. CBS News 2010 Feb 10 (Cached)

UK: Domestic surveillance drones now have the power, not just to observe, but to attack – non-lethally, of course (for now). This is even more bizarre than anything imagined by Orwell or Huxley. Wired 2010 Feb 10 (Cached)

Idaho: Victim of police brutality (sodomized with a taser) is awarded six-figure settlement to avoid taking case to court. Police do not admit wrong-doing. Taxpayers pay the fine, while perpetrators escape punishment. Carlos Miller Blog 2010 Feb 10 (Cached)

UK: In order to ‘protect’ children, some elementary schools are banning Valentine’s Day cards, as the children are not ’emotionally mature’ enough to understand the commitment of a relationship. [School administrators are?] Daily Mail 2010 Feb 10 (Cached)

Alex Jones reveals Sarah Palin as a Republican NeoCon who supports the war, the Patriot Act, bailouts, and goals of the New World Order. Alex lays it out in strong terms, so don’t watch if you prefer gentle commentary. YouTube 2010 Feb 9 (Cached)

India puts on hold commercial cultivation of what would have been its first genetically modified vegetable crop (eggplant) due to public concern over safety. BBC News 2010 Feb 9 (Cached)

UK: Naked body-scanner images of film star printed and circulated by airport security staff. Officials had said this could never happen because it was against the rules. InfoWars 2010 Feb 9 (Cached)

US: Beware: 10 federal regions now have their Governors. Although Obama denies it, it appears that states are being positioned as mere sub-sub-divisions of the federal government – which, itself, is to become a sub-division of the North American Union which is to become a sub-division of the UN. The New World Order keeps growing. Examiner 2010 Feb 8 (Cached)

US: New government department is created to disseminate global-warming propaganda. Its formal introduction is postponed due to record snowfall in the D.C. area. WSJ 2010 Feb 8 (Cached)

US: Sarah Palin claims Tea Party movement as an asset of the Republican Party. Handwriting is on the wall: There may be another change in 2012 but only in party label, not substance. NashvillePost.com 2010 Feb 7 (Cached)

S. Carolina passes law declaring any group that advocates controlling the government must register as a “subversive” organization. That means anyone who thinks people should control their government and government should serve the people could be classified as an enemy of the state. Fraternal and “patriotic” groups are exempt, but any organization that dissents from government policies certainly will be considered as neither fraternal nor patriotic.
Raw Story
2010 Feb 5 (Cached)

Netherlands: Another UN IPCC scandal surfaces as it claimed more then half the country was below sea level, but Dutch authorities say the figure is in error by over 100% – and there is no indication that the water level is changing. The Dutch are investigating the IPCC report for more errors. [The IPCC does not make errors. It makes propaganda.]
2010 Feb 5 (Cached)

UK: Poll shows only 25% now believe in man-made global warming. Scientific scandals and cold weather have impacted public opinion. Government-paid scientists are calling for increased propaganda to re-sell the global-warming myth. BBC News 2010 Feb 5 (Cached)

Ron Paul warns that continued government attack on the free market, and the Federal Reserve attack on the dollar will lead to social unrest, martial law, and the end of freedom. He advocates abolishing the Fed, no subsidies, no bailouts, eliminating the income tax, reigning in the CIA, introducing competing currencies, and changing foreign policy. YouTube Posted 2010 Feb 5

India: Government creates its own organization to study climate, accusing the UN IPCC of “climate evangelism”. This is encouraging, but pressures likely will be brought against the new organization to embrace the global-warming myth even while challenging the UN on lesser issues. We will watch this closely. Telegraph Posted 2010 Feb 5 (Cached)

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