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2010 MARCH 6 – 12

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NY: 9/11 Ground Zero workers filed thousands of lawsuits for inhaling toxic dust onsite. Proper equipment and respirators were not provided because EPA said the air was safe. Just 2 months before the lawsuits are to be litigated, a $657 million settlement has been offered. As usual, officials who were responsible will not pay a cent while taxpayers will foot the bill. Daily Mail 2010 Mar 12 (Cached)

Breakthrough in computerized mind-reading technology: Brain scanner can recognize certain images that people are imagining with 45% accuracy. This may be just the beginning of a technology that is of great interest to governments. Daily Mail 2010 Mar 11 (Cached)

UK: Government uses radio commercials to encourage people to report anyone who closes curtains and uses cash, because they could be terrorists. The real purpose is to create a community of volunteer government spies. This was done in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. Collectivism never changes. Prison Planet 2010 Mar 11 (Cached)

In the wake of the Climate Gate scandal, the UN has appointed a so-called “independent” investigative body to review the scientific methods of its own agency on climate change. This is a PR show. Corrupt government officials always rush to appoint loyal cronies to investigate their crimes before someone else does it. Expect minor criticism, a reprimand of some low-level employee, but a strong affirmation of the agency’s integrity and scientific accuracy. Fox News 2010 Mar 10 (Cached)

EU Parliament votes in the Tobin Tax, which is a tax on all financial transactions that cross borders. The EU is now beginning to structure a new layer of taxes on top of the old to support itself. Not exactly what the sagging European economy needs. Telegraph 2010 Mar 10 (Cached)

New research shows that soda-pop consumption is linked to diabetes and heart disorders.
Natural News
2010 Mar 10 (Cached)

US: Federal government seeks to ban recreational fishing. This fits well with the policy of UN Agenda 21, which aims at making the population dependent on commercial and government sources of food. InfoWars 2010 Mar 10 (Cached)

US: Biometric national ID cards for all American workers are being discussed in the Senate under the guise of deterring employers from hiring illegal immigrants. Wall Street Journal 2010 Mar 9 (Cached)

Israel declares it wants nuclear power plants, but refuses to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and refuse inspections of what many believe to be nuclear weapons sites. This is precisely the stance that has led Israel and the Obama/Bush administrations to advocate attacking Iran.
Yahoo News
2010 Mar 9 (Cached)

US: Senate warns members and employees to avoid The Drudge Report supposedly because of viruses. Site administrators say they have no complaints about viruses. Drudge usually tells it like it is, so it appears that truth now is considered as a dangerous virus to be avoided. Drudge Report 2010 Mar 9 (Cached)

US: Huffington Post removes article on 9/11 by Jesse Ventura from their website citing their policy not to promote “conspiracy theories”. The news service has no problem, however, promoting the government’s conspiracy theory on this topic. So much for a free press. Prison Planet 2010 Mar 9 (Cached)

Spain: With Spring only two weeks away, Barcelona is hit with its heaviest snowfall in 25 years. This has been a brutal winter throughout the northern hemisphere. The global-warming myth makers are undaunted by reality and continue to insist the planet is heating up. Telegraph 2010 Mar 8 (Cached)

US: Next seasonal flu vaccine will include the H1N1 virus. What better way for Big Pharma to sell a billion dollars worth of a vaccine that very few want, that does not prevent flu, and that is potentially harmful? and to get the taxpayers to pick up the tab. American Medical News 2010 Mar 8 (Cached)

US: Bankrupt FDIC is suggesting that state pension funds invest in failed banks to provide the cash that FDIC does not have. These funds are already in decline, yet some state treasurers actually are endorsing the concept. The word corruption comes to mind. Bloomberg 2010 March 8 (Cached)

Icelanders take to the polls to decide if government should tax them to repay foreign investors who lost money in failed Icelandic banks. 96% say: No way! The government is still looking for a way to do it so they can get loans from the IMF. A classic case of politicians and bankers vs. the people.
Taipei Times
2010 Mar 8 (Cached)

US: Bill introduced by Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman that could imprison American citizens indefinitely without trial for dissenting from government policies or on any basis “the President considers appropriate.” Look up the definition of dictatorship. Prison Planet 2010 Mar 8 (Cached)

Researchers report that Ritalin may improve learning in children. What they omit is that this is a short-term effect (like caffeine) and that the drug also causes brain changes similar to cocaine. What is not reported is more important than what is. Prevent Disease 2010 Mar 8 (Cached)

Federal judge upholds the right of US contractor whistleblowers to sue Donald Rumsfeld in civil court for torture. This is the first time a Secretary of Defense may potentially be held personally liable for authorizing torture. Press TV 2010 Mar 7 (Cached)

Australian federal government proposes to take over health care at a cost of $45 billion dollars, which would strip away power from the states and territories in violation of the Australian Consti-tution. Collectivism is the same around the world. Reuters 2010 Posted Mar 6 (Cached)

Chinese woman beaten and buried alive by real estate developers for protesting eviction from her home while police looked on. She was evicted so contractors, with permission of government, could replace her home with a new structure bringing higher rent. Chinese citizens cannot refuse eviction because the government owns all the land.
Telegraph 2010 Mar 6 (Cached)

Ron Paul returns $100,000 to the Treasury what he did not spend from his Congressional office budget. He doesn’t just talk about fiscal responsibility, he actually practices it. This makes his big-spender opponents in Washington look bad by comparison and is one of the reasons they want him out of government and off the planet.
CAIVN Posted 2010 Mar 6 (Cached)

Virginia is the first state to enact legislation to protect its citizens from being forced to purchase health insurance or participate in any health care system against their will. Federal laws requiring this are un constitutional. 37 more states have similar bills pending. PR Newswire Posted 2010 Mar 6 (Cached)

NY cop blows the whistle on arrest quotas and tells how innocent people are targeted just to keep the number of arrests high. The more arrests, the higher the budget. YouTube Posted 2010 Mar 6 (Cached)

Utah: New legislation by the state is introduced to use eminent domain to take its land back from the federal government. (Over 60% of Utah is in the hands of the federal government.) Promoters say it will be an uphill battle unless other western states get on board but that is a possibility.
The Moral Liberal
Posted 2010 Mar 6 (Cached)

India: Bill is passed that could imprison anyone who tries to “mislead the public” without “scientific evidence” regarding Genetically Engineered crops. That is assumed to mean those who oppose GE foods. Further, GE producers would be allowed to conceal their research studies from the public, claiming confidentiality. Do you suppose the producers of GE foods spent some money among Indian legislators? OrissaDiary Posted 2010 Mar 6 (Cached)

UK: A 10 year-old has been registered as a hate-crime offender for calling his friend a “gay boy”. One group estimates that 40,000 children already have been similarly classified, and this will remain in their records for life. There are two issues here. (1) Where does government get the right to decides what is “hateful” speech? (2) Could the government classify other words as hateful also, such as bureaucrat, tyrant, demagogue, and crooked politician? Why is homophobic not a hate word? Such power is a tool for tyranny.
Posted 2010 Mar 6 (Cached)

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