Jesse Ventura on being censored by The Huffington Post: “9/11 is an event you’re not allowed to ask a question about.”

“That’s what bugs me about 9/11. 9/11 is an event you’re not allowed to ask a question about. … Clearly they don’t want any questions on it. Right away, If you question what they told you on 9/11, they throw onto you you’re unpatriotic. Well, I don’t fear that.”

– Jesse Ventura

From: fromtheold

The Huffington Post the famous online news site that was started by Adriana Huffington a previous politician is accused of censoring Jesse Ventura on a piece about 9/11.

Jesse Ventura, like many other Americans does not believe the official story of 9/11 and he believes the truth should be heard. He wrote a long piece on the Huffington Post but got censored.

Here is he on RT explaining what happened:

[youtube=]Jesse Ventura censored by The Huffington Post

We continue our coverage of the latest case of censorship in American media. Jesse Venturas article on the events of September 11th (9/11) was banned by the news website The Huffington Post. Jesse Venturas article was titled What really happened on September 11th?


Ventura Charges: “Huffington Post Censored my 9/11 Article!”

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