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Intervention Is Prolonging Economic Problems For Years

Latest Issue: April 10th, 2010: Banks only saved themselves not the economy, Greece singled out in the credit default crisis, the plan for a deflationary depression, every nation is in trouble, Greece now in a situation to default, banks continue to mislead, the floodgates open for lobbyists and special interests, lending costs climb, net neutrality suffers by a court ruling, Internet downgraded by court ruling

A Debt Level Great Enough To Threaten The Dollar Rating

March 27th, 2010: Bernanke re-nominated, outrage at banks, insolvency the real state of banks, crime pays when you are at the top, sovereign debt crisis around the world, debt and derivatives products were all just a ponzi scheme, the problem wont go a way when the system is purged, PIMCO Bill Gross warns of inflation, big cutbacks in services…

A Rise in Unemployment And Moral Hazard To Contend With

March 24th, 2010: Bubbles come and go but the Fed remains, derivative madness, no good sense for liquidity, tariffs can turn the world, moral hazard in the media spotlight, fence building now to keep out the drug war in Mexico, flush with cash but actually insolvent…

The Impact of Bubbles And The Future of Risk

March 20th, 2010: Bubbles of years ago being felt today, why rescue people from their mistakes? Destructive economic processes at work, many countries on the verge of bankruptcy, America now holds debt far beyond its ability to pay back, Debasement the order of the day, Bill Gross of PIMCO looks to developing nations for stability…

Expose Transgressions and Set Boundaries on Stimulus Packages

March 17th, 2010: AIG dragged onto the carpet for publishing falsified debt ratings, fines called for when fraud charges should be laid, white collar crime knows no end, books cooked, real estate downside points to deflationary depression, debt continues to grow, borrowing in the debt market again. stimulus packages knowing now boundaries.

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