G. Edward Griffin Presents: PROJECT RED PILL — A small band of humans have avoided THE MATRIX and are attempting to help others break free!

From: Reality Zone

Project Red  Pill

The Matrix is one of the most talked about movies of recent time. The first episode was released in March of 1999, quickly followed by several sequels, animated cartoons, comic books, and video games. One of the reasons for the film’s popularity is it surreal action, but even more important is the story line, which many viewers perceive as a metaphor of real life.

The film portrays a future in which the world has been taken over by computers and machines that cultivate human bodies to plug their brains into a global network where they serve as computing assets. They are unaware of their true state because they are programmed to experience a virtual reality in which they believe they are living a pleasant and normal life while, in truth, they are immersed in liquid pods wired up to the Matrix. Their pleasant experiences are just in their minds.

The story centers on a small band of humans who have avoided the Matrix and who are attempting to help others break free. The first step is to get them unplugged, which is no easy task, but the second step is even more difficult. It is to convince them to stay unplugged. The problem is that reality is harsh and dangerous, whereas the Matrix offers a sense of serenity and comfort.

Once they are unplugged, humans must choose between reality and fantasy, and to do so they are offered two pills. The red pill will bring them all the way into reality. Once it is taken, they can never return to the comfort of delusion. The blue pill will put them back to sleep where they can be reconnected to the Matrix. Many choose the blue pill.

The parallels to modern life are obvious. There are those among us who know there are forces and agendas behind the scenes that are not acknowledged by our leaders and media gatekeepers, but they really would rather not know, because it would be upsetting. Since they feel there is nothing they can do about it anyway, they would rather continue their lives unperturbed by reality. In other words, the Matrix is real.

By now you have guessed that Project Red Pill is a program to rescue our fellow humans from the Matrix, allowing them to choose reality over delusion. However, as long as they are totally dependent on the controlled channels of communication for information, they cannot escape. Therefore, the first step is to create an independent flow of information. Books and publications are important; but, inside the Matrix of the real world, most people are wired up to television, so video is where we must start.

The Reality Zone has assembled a collection of documentary and expository programs that have been ignored or outright suppressed by mainstream media. Our mission is to flood these into the Matrix by the tens-of-thousands and, ultimately, millions.

Each disk holds multiple programs recorded at Internet quality. Packaging consists of a simple label and a plain paper sleeve. They are offered at a non-profit price that barely covers the cost of manufacturing. Customers are free to duplicate disks in this series provided they are given, not sold, no changes are made to the recording or label content, and they are not used to promote a commercial venture.

DISTRIBUTION: There are three modes of distribution. Which is the best for you?

1. PERSONAL: You can purchase (or duplicate) DVDs and give them to friends, neighbors, family members, and business associates. SUGGESTION: Attach a signed handwritten note (or write on the back of the paper sleeve) that says: “Thanks for being my friend. Here’s some information I think you will find interesting.” You can use alternate notes for special situations (such as when leaving tips at restaurants or hair salons or when shopping at retail stores) that say: “Thanks for great service. Here’s some information I think you will find interesting.”

2. PUBLIC: You can make mailings to any list you have, distribute DVDs door-to-door, put them on windshields, pass them out on street corners, at trade shows, public demonstrations, political rallies, and shopping malls.

3. PROXY: For those who are too busy or too shy to undertake public distribution, the proxy method is a perfect solution. Reality Zone maintains a list of activists who have agreed to publicly distribute as many DVDs as we can give them. If you supply the disks, they will do the work. Long after your personal list of acquaintances is exhausted, this programmed distribution will just keep going. If you would like us to send your DVDs to an activist who will ditribute them on your behalf, please tell us in the comment section of your order form. We will let you know who receives them.

BECOME PART OF PROJECT RED PILL NOW We cannot restore freedom without rescuing our fellow human beings from The Matrix. So, if you are wondering what one person can do, here is the answer.

DISK NO. 1. Playing time: 7 hours, Internet quality (Available May 3)
America; Freedom to Fascism (Russo)
Reflections and Warnings (Russo)
The Obama Deception; Intro and full film (Jones)
The Obama Deception; Bonus Segments (Jones)
The American Form of Government (McManus)
Collectivism vs. Individualism (Griffin)
Two Branches of Collectivism (Griffin)
The Quigley Formula (Griffin, 2008)
Deception Was My Job (Bezmenov)

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