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2010 MAY 22 – 28

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Chemtrails? What chemtrails?

Bill Gates’ foundation is financing “Nano Vaccines” that can be sprayed on people without their knowledge. The nano particles would be absorbed through the skin and activate upon contact with sweat. [Don’t worry. This is all for public health. Surely they wouldn’t use this technology to vaccinate people against their will or to deliver chemicals for other purposes … would they?] Natural News 2010 May 28 (Cached)

Obama claims full responsibility and authority for fixing the Gulf oil spill but blames pre-existing corrupt relationships between government regulators and oil companies. He blames BP for using toxic dispersants instead of safer alternatives. He also announced new restrictions on offshore drilling. [That last line says it all. This crisis is being used if not created to justify putting a stop to offshore drilling, thus keeping America forever dependent on foreign oil.] Yahoo News 2010 May 28 (Cached)

Government-mandated drought in the California Delta gets partial relief when a federal judge rules that the government’s case  for restricting water to farmers (based on the claim that this protects ‘Endangered Species’) failed to consider the impact on humans. [There is much more to it than a conflict of legal opinions. Here is the rest of the story.] MorphCity.com 2010 May 28 (Cached)

US: A private company is building detention facilities across America allegedly to house illegal immigrants. [Hold on there! The administrative branch of the federal government is sponsoring this program while at the same time pushing for amnesty and merging the U.S. with Mexico so there no longer will BE any illegal aliens. So what is the REAL reason these prisons?] Prison Planet 201 May 27 (Cached)

FDA threatens walnut producers that if they claim that walnuts lower cholesterol (they do), then they will be considered as selling drugs. It is because of absurdities like this that the Natural Health Alliance is sponsoring a bill to allow producers of natural health products to advertise their proven benefits. Natural News 2010 May 27 (Cached)

IBM has patented an application that allows traffic lights to turn car engines off and on, supposedly to conserve fuel and prevent accidents. [The same technology would allow police and government officials to do the same at any location. Does anyone really think this is to save fuel and reduce accidents?]
Daily Tech
2010 May 26 (Cached)

Canadian doctor cures herself of swine flu in 4 days using elderberries and vitamin D supplements instead of vaccines. Natural News 2010 May 26 (Cached)

UK: Rothschild family is pursuing “privatization” of major roadways as a means of obtaining much-needed money for the government.
[There is much to be said in favor of this IF the sale and operation would be based on competitive bidding. Today’s reality, however, is that such “Public-Private Partnerships” are based on back-room deals that enrich the politicians who approve the transfer and that yield unearned profits for the politically favored corporations that get the contracts all at the expense of taxpayers. This is not free-enterprise. It is crony collectivism.]
Raw Story
2010 May 25 (Cached)

China: A poor farmer is cheated on rice seeds purchased from the government and then is beaten when he attempts to complain, so he resorts to the only form of protest left in a fully developed collectivist regime. He hangs himself in front of the seed station. McClatchey 2010 May 25 (Cached)

US Department of Agriculture authorizes $1.3 billion to compensate for alleged discrimination in granting government-subsidized loans in the past. Latino and female farmers are encouraged to claim the money, which can run as high as $50,000 each. Congress is considering another $1.25 billion to African American farmers.
[Under collectivism, buying votes with tax dollars never stops until the entire system collapses.] Yahoo 2010 May 25 (Cached)

In 2008, 39 percent of parents became educated about the dangers of vaccinations and refused or delayed them for their children. The percentage undoubtedly is higher now. This compares to just 22 percent in 2003.
[This threat to the profits of Big Pharma is why programs now are being introduced in many countries to FORCE people to accept vaccines or be imprisoned in the name of public health, of course.]
Mercola 2010 May 25 (Cached)

US: Former CIA officer admits the agency created a fake Obama bin Laden video. They also considered making a video supposedly showing that Saddam Hussein was gay. These were never approved by superiors because they would be ineffective. He also says the CIA gradually lost interest in such covert operations and, by the late 90’s, had abandoned them. [Our take on this is: (1) The reason these projects were not finished is, not because they were unacceptable tactics but because they would not work, which implies they would have been authorized if they thought they could get away with it; and (2) The idea that the CIA has abandoned covert activities of this kind is absurd. It should make one suspect that this story was planted by the CIA as disinformation to convince everyone that such activities have never occurred and are not occurring today. Hogwash!] Washington Post 2010 May 25 (Cached)

US: Healthcare bill includes a section (that no one read) which forces businesses to prepare tax reports for every company from which they purchase more than $600 of merchandise.
[For most businesses, that will be hundreds of new tax forms each year, and it may force many small companies out of business. The attack on the American economy by its own government continues.] Natural News 2010 May 24 (Cached)

US donates 475 tons of Monsanto hybrid seeds to Haiti, but local farmers are furious because they contain toxic fungicides and will not produce viable second-generation seeds, thus forcing farmers to purchase future seeds from Monsanto. The Haitian small farmers organization has committed to burning Monsanto’s seeds to preserve their native crops from contamination.
[It would appear that Haitian farmers are smarter than those in America and Europe.] Huffington Post 2010 May 24 (Cached)

Richard Fine, who discovered that LA County Superior Court judges receive illegal payments (over $50,000 a year per judge) has been jailed for 14 months, with no charges, no trial, no sentence, and no conviction. Today the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear his case.
[Our comment: No justice from justices, or travesty in high places.]
CNN 2010 May 24 (Cached)

Britain’s top medical group has banned a doctor from practicing medicine because he linked autism to vaccines. [The scientific evidence to support his view is strong, but his prominence caused many British families to reject vaccines for their children, and Big Pharma, which finances the medical group, does not like that.] Yahoo 2010 May 24 (Cached)

For what is believed to be the first time ever in England, an audience of university students decisively rejected the notion that global warming is or could become a global crisis. [This occurred in a debate at the historic Oxford Union Society, and is an encouraging sign of resistance to propaganda.]
2010 May 24 (Cached)

Scientists warn that full-body airport scanners pose a high risk of skin cancer, especially for children. The radiation level is 20 times greater than official estimates. Digital Journal 2010 May 23 (Cached)

Canadian government now monitors political comments in online chat rooms and responds with rebuttals when it feels the comments are “incorrect.”
[Too bad no one can monitor the government’s web sites and make corrections.] News1130 2010 May 23 (Cached)

US: Virginia Tech environmental engineer single-handedly forces the government’s CDC to admit it mislead the public about the risk of lead in Washington DC’s water supply. Excessive lead can cause reduced IQ and organ damage. The effort took six years and cost him tens of thousand of dollars. [One person with determination CAN make a difference.] Washington Post 2010 May 23 (Cached)

Maine’s GOP chooses to uphold the Constitution and adopts a platform that causes collectivists to come unglued. It even supports state sovereignty and abolishing the Federal Reserve. [Imagine that!] Here is a typical report that portrays the group as lunatics who have taken over the asylum. Huffington Post Posted 2010 May 22 (Cached)
Here’s a link to the platform. You will like it.

Spain: Leaked document reveals dismal failure of the country’s “green” energy program: Electricity rates skyrocketed, and 2.2 jobs were destroyed for every new one created. [This is the exact program that Obama boasts as the model for his so-called America Power Act.] Pajamas Media Posted 2010 May 22 (Cached)

Codex Alimentarius is a UN program of international control over all foods and nutritional supplements. It consistently promotes the interests of the pharmaceutical and food cartels. Codex recently approved small levels of melamine for human consumption. Melamine was the plastic contaminant in dog food from China a few years ago that killed many pets. It also was found in baby formula and caused severe infant illness. Now the UN has approved what it calls “safe” levels for all food. Farm Wars Posted 2010 May 22 (Cached)

US : Federal government has secretly funded unemployment benefits for 32 states to the tune of $37.8 billion. California has received $7 billion – which is the only reason these states are still functioning.
[Washington is expanding at warp speed into funding and then controlling all aspects of the economy, including state and local government – and it is using our money to do it. Congress was not consulted.] EPJ Posted 2010 May 22 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Watch the full movie “Camp FEMA: American Lockdown”, produced and posted by Gary Franchi of Restore the Republic. Blip.TV 2010 May 26

“Privatization” (Public-Private Partnerships) is reaching epidemic proportions in the Western world because the public is fooled by the words. They think that these partnerships actually will operate under the rules of the free market. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here is why.
Campaign For Liberty
2010 May 26 (Cached)

US: An excellent 30-minute documentary on the collapse of the dollar and the economy. The film was made 6 months ago, and it is interesting to see how much has already come true. If you want a clear picture of where we are headed, this is it.
2009 Posted 2010 May 21

Head of space research at Russia’s Astronomical Observatory in St. Petersburg says we are headed into a mini ice age. The global warming of the previous century was not caused by greenhouse gasses but by high solar activity, and the current temperature decline will continue with or without a rise in CO2 levels. He says a reasonable way to combat cooling trends is “to maintain economic growth in order to adapt to the upcoming new Little Ice Age in the middle of the 21st century.” IceAgeNow 2010 May 20 (Cached)

Arizona’s immigration law has hidden features not widely publicized. For example, it opens the door to REAL ID by providing free flowing information to the federal government. MorphCity.com 2010 May 20 (Cached)

The global elite is NOT that strong! Here is a realistic analysis by Adrian Salbuchi of the many weaknesses of the New World Order movement and the strengths, present and potential, of the freedom movement. The fat lady has not yet sung.
2010 May 20

FDA approved a rotavirus vaccine for children even after it was discovered it had been contaminated by a harmful pig virus. [Once again, we see how government regulatory agencies become mere fronts for the commercial industries they supposedly regulate.] Natural News 2010 May 20 (Cached)

Australian customs officers now have full access to traveler’s electronic devices – to stop pornography, of course. The Age 2010 May 20 (Cached)

US: Are oil prices set by supply-and-demand or are they manipulated? Unfiltered News 2010 May 17

The Greek Tragedy is a replay of the 2002 economic collapse in Argentina – and is a rehearsal for what is coming in the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, and most of the Western world. Want to know what is going to happen? Here is the well-rehearsed script.
Salbuchi/Rense Posted 2010 May 16 (Cached)

Former CIA officer, Robert Steele, explains how citizen activists and bloggers can break the grip of the New World Order. [We don’t agree with all that he says, but his views are thought provoking and worth considering.] YouTube posted 2010 May 15 (Cached)

US: Who is the terrorist? Can you spot him? Your tax dollars at work. Brass Check Posted 2010 May 12


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2010 May 28 from Bill Fulkerson
Dear Linda Barton,
I just read your inquiry posted on May 24, 2010 regarding the apparent decrease in chemtrails in your area of travel. I live in central California, and I have been closely monitoring chemtrails for about five years now in my area. I can tell you with 100% certainty that we are being more heavily bombarded than ever before in this area right now. Home vegetable gardens are failing on a massive scale, though fruit-bearing trees seem as yet to be unaffected. People have burning eyes and unexplained coughs and headaches most of the time. On days of heavy spraying, we have witnessed rainbow auras around the sun, and aurora like colors in the subsequent freakish checkerboard patterned cloud formations. ( You won’t find these cloud types in any book on meteorology either… I checked.)

My general sense would be that you may be in an area which the operations managers of the programs consider temporarily less important for their purposes at this moment. I know it is a relief to see a normal blue sky with nice natural puffy clouds floating around, but chemtrails have become the rule rather than the exception recently. I do not think the international criminal power brokers are even close to being finished with this sick experiment yet. I think they are just getting warmed up. Here’s to hoping I am wrong.

2010 May 28 from Joan Glover
Hi Bill.
I live in Ventura and work for Mr Griffin in Thousand Oaks, and there has been massive spraying going on here. We have one clear day once in awhile but most days the trails are clearly visible. Sometimes I have counted 12-15 trails, sometimes less, but that is only observing for a few minutes. Take into account the whole day, as well as the trails that have dissipated into the white haze spread across the sky than who knows how many times they cross the sky.

Coming home from a friends last night at 11pm, there was a clear new trail that crossed right under the moon.

I have constant stuffy nose and allergies, don’t know if it is related but I do not remember having allergies 15 years ago.


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