CBS Mind Control — CSI poisons viewers against anyone who questions water fluoridation, chemtrails …

WARNING: This video suffers from the low-cut top epidemic, which is a key reason why men watch programs that lead them astray in more ways than one.

From: YouTube

Chemtrails on CSI

islandonlinenews — May 24, 2010 — Chemtrails on CSI

– This is called “pre-programming”. It is a form of mind control. “talking points” are inserted into television programs in order to influence how people view reality.

This is an obvious example. First they say someone who talks about chemtrails is “anti-american” then later they show him as a “domestic terrorist” so this will become part of your thinking. Most of the time the mind programing is not so obvious.

For more REAL information on chemtrails visit or for more propaganda just continue watching television. Whatever you do, for God’s sake, don’t mention the reptiles.

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