Lindsey Williams on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ TONIGHT (6/13/10)

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Sunday June 13, 2010

Ian Punnett welcomes two guests, Jim Bell during the second hour and Lindsey Williams in the 3rd hour, for a discussion on whether oil is a scarce commodity or an abundant natural resource.

Ian’s Show RECAP is here


Lindsey Williams EXPOSES BP’s GULF OIL SPILL DISASTER from INSIDERS & MR. X (87-year-old, former oil company CEO): “They drilled between 25 and 30 thousand feet deep in 5 thousand foot water. … THEY HIT SOMETHING SO CATASTROPHIC and unexpected that they could not contain it.” “The oil is not the greatest danger.” IT’S WHAT COMES UP WITH THE OIL is that is deadly to humans! “They are going to use this as one of the major methods of getting THEIR 2012 TIMELINE done.”

Lindsey Williams: The Energy *Non*-Crisis—Alaska’s ‘Classified’ Oil Reserve Largest on Earth?

Lindsey Williams’ Book Now Online: “The Energy Non-Crisis”

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