Alex Jones: Gulf oil disaster intentional. Executives gave orders that they knew would blow the well up. BP is owned by the global elite. Their main goal is to usher in the global carbon tax they couldn’t get at the G-20 summit

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States Need To Launch Criminal Investigation Into
BP, Federal Government’s Role In Oil Spill


The Watson Report: BP Oil Spill —
Criminal Negligence or Deliberate Sabotage?

[youtube=]Alex Gives His Full Report of The BP Gulf Oil Spill “False Flag” Event on Alex Jones Tv 1/5

TheAlexJonesChannel — June 20, 2010 — Alex gives his full report on the bp gulf oil spill, and reveals why he is now sure it’s a 100% false flag event to usher in the global carbon tax talked about at the G-20 summit.






Lindsey Williams EXPOSES BP’s GULF OIL SPILL DISASTER from INSIDERS & MR. X (87-year-old, former oil company CEO): “They drilled between 25 and 30 thousand feet deep in 5 thousand foot water. … THEY HIT SOMETHING SO CATASTROPHIC and unexpected that they could not contain it.” “The oil is not the greatest danger.” IT’S WHAT COMES UP WITH THE OIL is that is deadly to humans! “They are going to use this as one of the major methods of getting THEIR 2012 TIMELINE done.” A NUKE the only solution?

Joel Skousen VS Lindsey Williams: Skousen claims “Mr. X” fed Williams bogus information on Gulf Oil Disaster | Does Skousen basically say who “Mr. X” is?

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