Something good on TV — a real ‘No Spin Zone’ on Fox??!!! Judge Napolitano’s “Freedom Watch” to now be televised on weekends on Fox Business News Channel

This is surprising to me. Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News has so much reverse-freedom disinfo. They were key in making sure Ron Paul couldn’t win in 2008. I’m surprised he’s now allowing a true libertarian/Constitutionalist to air his views on TV.

Apparently, it already had Fox’s highest ratings when it debuted last Saturday, which shows that people want to know the truth. The lack of truth and the distortions (especially from Fox, which claims to be “fair and balanced”) is destroying our republic.

Napolitano will at least mostly be “fair and balanced” — a true “No Spin Zone.”

Check your listings. It looks like this weekly show is airing multiple times on Saturday and Sunday.

Praise God!

Jeff : )

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