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2010 JUNE 19 – 25

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US: Democrats say they are going to force Republicans to support their Cap-and-Trade tax by attaching it to a bill to regulate offshore drilling, believing that no one would dare oppose such a bill in the wake of the recent Gulf oil spill. [Similar ploys have been used many times in the past by both Democrats and Republicans.] NY Times 2010 Jun 25 (Cached)

California welfare recipients, using debit cards given by the state, withdraw $1.8 million at casino ATMs over 8 months. This does not include money withdrawn from ATMs at bars and liquor stores.
[California receives federal money to prop up its welfare system, which is one reason there is little interest in controlling or eliminating it.] LA Times 2010 Jun 25 (Cached)

US: BP Whistleblower lashes out against her employer and exposes its deceptions, gross negligence, and indifference to the effects of the Gulf oil spill. Brasscheck Posted 2010 Jun 25

Japan: Government recommends that citizens go to bed and arise an hour earlier to reduce electrical consumption for lights and TV sets, thus reducing carbon emissions. [Here is another example of how the global warming myth is leveraged to control human behavior. What is now just a recommendation eventually could become law.] Telegraph 2010 Jun 24 (Cached)

Gulf oil spill is a re-run of an almost identical spill in the Gulf in 1979.  The same solutions that didn’t work 31 years ago have been applied to this spill, with the same failures. In 1979 the leak was eventually stopped by drilling 2 relief wells.
Posted Jun 24

New research discovers how anti-oxidants in red wine and green tea kill prostate cancer cells.
Natural News 2010 Jun 24 (Cached)

UN’s World Health Organization is pushing for a global internet tax to pay pharmaceutical companies to deliver drugs to third-world nations – to improve health, of course. [Not hard to figure out what lobbyist group is behind this one.] Natural News 2010 Jun 24 (Cached)

Previously healthy 16 year-old girl is blinded following a second HPV vaccination.
Natural News
2010 Jun 24

US: Home sales fall to a record low, as tax credits expire. Downward trend expected to continue. [Once again, we see government intervention doing more harm than good. Intervention caused the sub-prime crash and could not possible be a cure for what it caused. Better to let markets correct themselves with supply and demand setting prices, sales, and interest rates.]
Fox News
2010 June 23 (Cached)

Scientists now claim that brain scans can predict your future behavior MORE effectively than YOU can. [Although the focus of this article is on how people make choices regarding their health, it is a small step to applying the same technology to behavior that the government may consider to be unacceptable. Your own testimony regarding your intentions could be disregarded in favor of a mandatory brain scan interpreted by technicians on the government payroll following orders to convict you of a crime you did not commit on the claim that your would have done so if not imprisoned. This is not as far-fetched as it may seem.]
Fox News
2010 Jun 23 (Cached)

Supreme Court rules in favor of Monsanto
(7-1) and lifts nationwide ban on GMO alfalfa. The Court also ruled that before GMO alfalfa can be planted, the USDA must submit an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) indicating that it is safe to plant and won’t contaminate other fields through cross pollination.  Several states are now seeking bans.
[The USDA holds GMO patents, so its EIS may not be objective.]
LA Times 2010 Jun 22 (Cached)

US; Attorneys in Georgia submit a brief to a federal court declaring that the outcome will determine “whether the people control the government, or whether the government controls the people.” The case involves the right of individuals to choose to consume raw milk or any other natural food even if the government thinks they should not. Video clips are included in the article.
2010 Jun 22 (Cached)

A small California city lays off all employees and dismantles the police department. all public services to be contracted with neighboring cities.
LA Times
2010 Jun 22 (Cached)

US: Senator Lieberman defends his bill to authorize the President to disconnect the Internet from international communication in the event of “cyberattack” – and says that we should follow the example of China in this regard. [If we didn’t know he is a globalist, dedicated to world government based on collectivism, he would almost sound convincing, but we know that his definition cyberattack or national security is much different that that of the average citizen. Besides, serious cyberattack could come from within the US as well as outside.] Liberty Maven 2010 22 (Cached)

Mexican drug cartels now control 3 counties in Arizona, and local law enforcement doesn’t have the resources to fight it. US Wildlife and Fisheries has abandoned land along the border because of heavily armed drug and human traffickers.

2010 Jun 21 (Cached)

There is an interesting news report from Tennessee about a mysterious destruction of crops and just about everything else that grows. So far, the cause has not been determined, but we doubt if authorities are checking the plants to see if there is a residue of aluminum or barium that might be fallout from stratospheric spraying. We are hoping that someone in that area will be able to contact farmers or others who have reported this phenomenon and see if samples can be taken to a professional lab for analysis. This is happening in Tennessee along a large swath of land near the Shelby and Tipton county border along Herring Hill Road and elsewhere near the Mississippi River bottoms. Here’s the news report. Anyone interested? If so, please contact me at gedward.griffin@verizon.net.

US Senator Kyl (R-AZ) says he was told by Obama that the federal government is not interested in securing the Arizona border because that would reduce support for the pending immigration bill, which primarily is an amnesty bill. [Obama denies having said this, but the lack of federal action verifies its truth.] WSJ 2010 Jun 21 (Cached)

FDA proposes a ‘rule change’ to give one FDA bureaucrat the power to allow drug companies to add new ingredients to vaccines and drugs or alter the composition of old ones. This will allow Big Pharma to fast track new concoctions with minimal scientific evidence of effectiveness or safety.
[It should be obvious by now that the drug cartel now uses the FDA as a disguised marketing branch of their operations.] NVIC 2010 Jun 21 (Cached)

Apple Computer now collects the “precise” and “real-time geographic location” of its users’ iPhones, iPads, and computers when they download apps or media from the iTunes store. Users are prevented from downloading until they agree to this. LA Times 2010 Jun 21 (Cached)

Gulf area residents are angry because as the oil spill continues BP Oil boss Tony Hayward was seen enjoying a yacht race while Obama was golfing. [They are angry for the wrong reason. It’s not that these men are taking time to relax, but that, although they talk a good line, they are doing little to actually contain the spill even when they are on the job. The real story is that they want the spill to continue to serve as an excuse to curtail future oil production. Also, the destruction of marine life caused by toxic dispersant chemicals will become an excuse for UN laws supposedly to protect the undersea habitat. It’s all about money and power, and that is where the anger should be directed.]
Daily Mail
2010 Jun 20 (Cached)

The EU has adopted a regulation to prevent the construction of ordinary family homes starting in 2020. Other countries are expected to follow. New homes will have to be “near zero energy” buildings, which are unattractive compact cubes. [The global elite will not be affected. See the picture of a Al Gore’s California villa at the end of the article. Does it look “energy zero” to you?)

Motl’s Blog
2010 June 20  (Cached)

Hawaii former elections official confirms that Obama was born outside of Hawaii. However, he
still claims that Obama could be a born American citzen and says, if people disagree over his eligibility, they should not blame Obama but the process by which he was vetted for office.
In further discussion, he is clueless about the degree to which federal politicians no longer serve the American people.
WND 2010 Jun 20 (Cached)

US: Pentagon resumes building data base of names, including Americans, who object to federal government policies – to protect against terrorism, of course. Raw Story 2010 Jun 19 (Cached)

Israel says that the flotilla incident was a result of armed activists violating a required check point because the ship was suspected of containing weapons. See video of the actual boarding here. YouTube Posted 2010 June 19
Israeli Ambassador says that Israel did not fire the first shot during the flotilla incident. The video appears to confirm that.
YouTube Posted 2010 Jun 19
[For our position on this incident, please see our comments in the Forum section by following this link.]


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

US Environmental group petitions the Department of Interior to declare wild bees as ‘endangered’. This article shows how the effect of the Endangered Species Act is to steal American land and impose heavy restrictions on landowners.

2010 Jun 25 (Cached)

This article explains the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of Monsanto and shows how we are being fooled by advocacy and environmental groups into accepting corporate and political control over food. Solutions to protect against food scarcity are offered. MorphCity.com 2010 Jun 23 (Cached)

Is salted popcorn soon to become a federal offense? It will if influential collectivists have their way because, they say, most people are too dumb to make their own choices
. Crosstalk 2010 Jun 23 (Cached)

James Corbett delivers a stunningly concise and accurate explanation of the so-called ‘austerity’ programs demanded by the IMF. He is talking about the dismantling of nations and their conversion into puppets of large corporations and international bankers. But he also has a solution well worth considering. YouTube 2010 Jun 22

BP Oil and the Political Agenda, an excellent summary of the issues and facts NOT covered by mainstream media. Of particular interest are several short videos, including one on a cheap, fast, non-toxic, and proven method of cleaning up the oil but which is ignored by BP and the federal government. [It is clear from these facts that those in charge do not want to solve the problem but seek an agenda that benefits from the catastrophe itself.]
2010 Jun 18 (Cached)

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