Jack McLamb: BP Gulf Oil Spill Was “All Staged?”

NOTE & DISCLAIMER: I hesitate to post this, but will as a working theory, considering the many key individuals and institutions who dumped large volumes of BP stock just before the disaster. This certainly is not out of the realm of possibility, because…

It’s important to know that the top globalists are probably all heavily into the occult. They’re doing their master’s bidding, bringing about the one-world, global government prophesied in the Bible. They’re demon-led instead of Spirit-led, which explains why they will do horrendous things (like 9/11) in order to achieve their master’s goals.

Have you seen Lord of the Rings? This is the kind of pure evil we’re talking about: Mordor: Sauron, the Ringwraiths, Saruman and his Orcs, etc.. They’ll stop at nothing. They have no conscience. Their hearts dark. These are the top globalists.

Their method: Order from Chaos or Problem > Reaction > Solution

They create the chaos that is required to get the fearful reaction needed so they can bring in their New World Order. And America must be brought into line, just as the other countries that would resist a one-world government.


[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKAu_MGMwQU]BP Gulf Oil Spill Was “All Staged”

Alex Jones of InfoWars interviews Jack McLamb who says that his inside sources have revealed to him that the BP oil explosion and resulting oil spill was an act of sabotage.


Bureau of Land Management was doing a rare, surprise inspection on oil rig 2 hours before it exploded!

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