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2010 JULY 17 – 23

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US Senate abandons the Cap-and-Trade portion of the new energy bill, due to its unpopularity heading into the November elections. Nevertheless, EPA’s regulations for carbon reduction (18,000 pages of them) is still set to go into effect in January 2011. NY Times 2010 Jul 23 (Cached)

US: Public meeting is held to hear complaints about groundwater toxicity from chemicals used in nearby gas wells. Oil companies are exempted from environmental regulations based on a 2005 EPA report that said these chemicals had no negative impact on groundwater. This is known as the “Halliburton Loophole.” An EPA whistleblower who attended this meeting said the report was “scientifically unsound.” There are publicly available studies documenting more than 1000 cases of groundwater contamination. [Here is another classic example of government agencies serving the very industries they are supposed to regulate.]
Philly Citypaper
2010 Jul 23 (Cached)

BP Oil is accused of ‘buying’ the silence of scientists by offering them contracts for research on issues relating to the oil spill. If they accept the money, the contracts will prevent them from speaking about their data and findings for 3 years, which will prevent them from providing testimony during pending litigation. BBC News 2010 Jul 22 (Cached)

China: Wife of high-ranking law-enforcement official was beaten by police and suffered a concussion when she was mistaken for a person merely wishing to petition the government for redress of a citizen’s complaint. Guardian 2010 Jul 22 (Cached)

US: Citizen group, acting on behalf of taxpayers, sues Governor of Washington State because she issued an executive order to implement climate-change measures that the legislature voted down. The plaintiff declares: “If the Governor wishes to pass laws, she’s in the wrong branch of government.” American Spectator 2010 Jul 21 (Cached)

Brazilian farmers declare legal war on Monsanto for excessive cost of seed and for charging fees to farmers who don’t even use their seed but whose crops have been cross pollinated by crops in neighboring fields. NaturalNews 2010 Jul 21 (Cached)

BP Oil is under fire for “photoshopping” a photo of employees at the command center monitoring the oil spill on computer screens. [Since this had no bearing on the information in the article, it was a minorl issue, but it shows that BP is ready and able to create a false reality if it will improve the company’s image. It makes you wonder what else has been doctored.]
2010 Jul 21 (Cached)

US: The CLEAR Act (Consolidated Land, Energy and Aquatic Resources) has passed the Natural Resources Committee of Congress. The bill authorizes spending $27 billion dollars over the next three decades to buy up private property. [The goal is to create a vast wilderness to be off limits for human use. American production, agriculture, and development of natural resources cannot survive this – which is why it is being done.] MorphCity.com 2010 Jul 21 (Cached)

Maywood, a low-income Los Angeles suburb fired all city employees a few weeks ago and outsourced city services to its neighbor, Bell. This seems like a great story of privatization until you realize that Bell pays some of the highest salaries in America. Its city manager gets nearly $800,000 per year. Its police chief earns twice as much as the NYC chief of police. [This article suggests both cities have been scamming taxpayers and the State of California.]
Business Insider
2010 Jul 20 (Cached)

China becomes world’s top energy consumer also the world’s top polluter. Yahoo 2010 Jul 20 (Cached)

US: Unemployment benefits to be extended through November after today’s passage in the Senate by one vote from a new Senator who had been sworn in only moments before. This is the 8th extension since 2008, at a total cost to taxpayers of $120 billion. [Taxes and inflation to pay for measures like this are what destroy jobs in the first place. Collectivism is a never-ending spiral of economic destruction.] Yahoo 2010 Jul 20 (Cached)

US: White House announces plans for digital “smart” ID cards, similar to a national REAL ID card, consolidating personal information online. [Because REAL ID is unpopular, collectivists keep searching for new ways to implement it.]
Electronic Frontier
2010 Jul 20 (Cached)

Official in charge of eliminating corruption at the UN blasts Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon for lack of leadership, lack of transparency, and blocking efforts to eliminate corruption. Fox News 2010 Jul 20 (Cached)

CFR President Richard Haass explains what probably will be the next shift in U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. It is contrary to the current policy of the Obama Administration, which may signal the fact that the ruling elite at the CFR now will abandon the Democrats and favor Republicans who certainly will advocate the new policy. [Listen to the head of a supposedly private organization give what essentially are instructions for aspiring politicians and diplomats.] Raw Story 2010 Jul 19 (Cached)

US: Over 3000 government and private firms now are gathering information, mostly on American citizens, supposedly to combat terrorism. All of these report to the President, and Congress has no control over it. America has become a “top-secret” surveillance state. MSNBC 2010 Jul 19 (Cached)

Micro-needle skin patch allows vaccines to be absorbed through the skin. It is targeted for another flu “pandemic” and use in Third-World countries. Daily Mail 2010 Jul 19 (Cached)

Gulf oil water is beginning to appear normal but lab tests show an alarmingly high content of oil. In one test, the beaker blew up. Chemist believes it probably was from methane gas or the dispersant called Corexit. FloridaOilSpillLaw 2010 Jul 18 (Cached)

European Parliament is considering criminalization of “climate change denial”. [They no longer use the phrase “Global Warming” because almost everyone knows there isn’t any. “Climate Change” is a cunning shift in vocabulary, and skeptics would be sent to prison!] BNP 2010 Jul 18 (Cached)

EU: Food manufacturers will be required to place warning labels on products that contain food dyes because they affect children’s behavior and can cause cancer. [The negative effects of food dyes has been known for many years, but it still is comforting to know that warnings finally will be on the products.] CNews 2010 Jul 18 (Cached)

Nevada: Wild mustang horses have been driven off public lands and many have been killed by the Bureau of Land Management so that BP Oil can install a trans-state gas pipeline.
AlexanderHiggins.com Posted 2010 Jul 17 (Cached)

US: New health bill requires everyone to register their body mass index (BMI) with the federal government by 2014. [BMI measures obesity. Makes you wonder what they have in store for those who are deemed “too fat”.] CNS News Posted 2010 Jul 17 (Cached)

‘Empty store shelves coming to America’ is a short documentary that explains what may happen soon if Washington continues its failed monetary policy. On July 21, 2010, Bernanke says The Fed has no plans to change its course.
NIA YouTube
Posted 2010 Jul 17

Obama’s Health Care Law requires that, by 2012, small businesses must report to the IRS every transaction over $600. This includes the sale of gold and silver, as well. [That will allow the government to know who has purchased precious metals so it will be easier to confiscate if they decide to do so later on.] Bangor Daily News Posted 2010 Jul 17 (Cached)

US Army suicides for June were the highest since Vietnam War: 32 in one month. Army officials say they have no idea why this is happening. [No one mentions the possibility of high use of psychotropic medication or participation in violence against civilians.] CNN Posted 2010 Jul 17 (Cached)

Michigan: Competing currencies (silver, gold and barter items) increasingly are being used in private businesses. ConnetMidMichigan Posted 2010 Jul 17 (Cached)

Iowa sheriff ordered by a federal judge to take a course on the Constitution after the sheriff denied a gun permit. [There is much to like about upholding the 2nd Amendment, but where in the Constitution is a federal judge empowered to order the sheriff to take a course on the Constitution?]
WCF Courier Posted 2010 Jul 17 (Cached)

The citizens of Iceland are angry over the fact that their news media was blocked from disclosing information about conflicts of interest within the country’s banking system. Here is a heartening video showing the aftermath, which is the creation of a safe haven for investigative journalists and whistleblowers on an international level, beyond the reach of oppressive governments. [Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks plays a key role in this movement.] YouTube Posted 2010 Jul 17


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Judge Napolitano gives a magnificent history lesson about the American Revolution, the Constitution, and what is necessary to restore freedom. Don’t miss this. The Right Scoop 2010 Jul 18

In Lies We Trust. This feature-length documentary is about medical madness, profiteering, and population reduction cloaked as bioterroism preparedness. Google Videos Posted 2010 Jul 17

The US Census is used once again to re-draw voting districts so that those in office have an advantage over challengers, a process known as  “gerrymandering”. Both parties do this when they are in control. Christian Science Monitor 2010 Jul 16 (Cached)

BP Oil says it has stopped spraying the toxic chemical dispersant ‘Corexit’ but, even if that is true, we need to know more about this chemical and how it affects human health and marine life. The worst effects may not appear until 20 years down the line. YouTube Posted 2010 Jul 13

Queen Elizabeth speaks at the United Nations and asks for a global tax on rich countries. Here is an excellent summary of the role played by the Queen in building the New World Order. NewsWithViews 2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

Arizona’s problem of illegal immigration is dwarfed by a growing addiction to a police state, guided and funded by the federal government under the banner of the war on drugs. Here is a sobering analysis well worth reading. InformationLiberation.com 2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

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