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For those of you who haven’t yet listened to The Power Hour, I thought I’d post this week’s schedule and MP3 links.

I didn’t listen to all the shows, but I’ve heard many of these guests before. But I hadn’t heard Friday’s guest, Christopher Clark, whom I really enjoyed. Blessed are the peacemakers.


“We don’t need to have a revolution because
actually, the New World Order, itself,
is a revolution.

It’s a revolution against what we already had,
which was a very good form of government. …

The Constitution has given the most freedom to the most amount of people,
and that’s why it’s under such heavy attack. …

We don’t need a revolution.
We need a restoration.
We need to restore what we already have.”

“I don’t think the way is to say that we’re fighting this.
…they’re fighting us. We’re just trying to defend ourselves….

We just need to stand up for what we believe in and what we think is right.
We don’t need to spend so much energy fighting something.

We’re the ones who are being attacked.
We don’t have to be on the offense.
We need to be on the defense.

And we need to point out who the revolutionaries are
and what their agenda is.”

– Christopher Clark, author of:
The Triumph of Consciousness:
Overcoming False Environmentalism,
Lapdog Media and Global Government
(referenced with 1200 endnotes)

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske


From: The Power Hour’s This Week’s Schedule

Week of July 19  – July 23, 2010


The International Forecaster, with trusted economical analysis, BOB CHAPMAN reports on the latest trends coming from D.C. and Wall Street: Will the U.S. Social Security retirement age be raised? Will unlimited unemployment benefits be paid to a select segment of the population (indefinitely)? How long can we sustain this ever-growing debt load? Most importantly, will the American people just continue to go along with all D.C.’s treasonous nonsense?

When our President and Congress are beholden to a shadow government and ignore the will and best interests of the people, they operate outside their God-given authority which has been delegated to them by “We the People,” the supreme authority, via both the Declaration of Independence (which states the rights and principles on which this nation was founded) and the United States Constitution (which states how those rights and principles will be both protected and effectuated by our central government for all posterity).

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* Both parties mull raising retirement age; July 14, 2010
* WSJ: Finance Overhaul Casts Long Shadow on the Plains; July 14, 2010
* “How Brokers Became Bookies: The Insidious Transformation of Markets into Casinos” (by) Ellen Brown ( )

Leading Environmental Medicine authority SHERRY ROGERS, M.D. will warn people about the top ten prescriptions being administered today and why people on those particular prescriptions should want to change to safer alternatives.

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July 19, 2010 (hour 1)
July 19, 2010 (hour 2)
July 19, 2010 (hour 3)


STAN DEYO provides detailed analyses of increasing geophysical disasters: increasing adverse weather conditions, increasing volcanic threats to populated areas, increasing tectonic plate stress & more – – – plus, the reason Stan has recently updated his previous book called Cosmic Conspiracy.
Holly’s CDROM Prudent Places USA available at: and or by calling 719-547-9100.

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July 20, 2010 (hour 1)
July 20, 2010 (hour 2)
July 20, 2010 (hour 3)

WEDNESDAY – JULY 21 – “Controlling the Food Supply”:

If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” –Thomas Jefferson

GARY WOOD is an attorney, but more importantly he is a good, personal friend of the MICHAEL HARTMANN family in Minnesota. The Hartmann Dairy Farm is in the troughs of an unprecedented legal battle that will have ramifications for EVERY Minnesota farmer, rancher, and even gardener. This case is pivotal because all the high-powered guns are aimed at the Hartmann’s to serve as an example and to scare farmers away from selling or bartering not only raw milk, but any of their farm products.

Related Information on Today’s Topic:
* June 23 article by Pete Kennedy, Esq., of FTCLDF: Food Freedom Under Attack in Minnesota
* Home page at Farm-to-Consumer-Legal-Defense-Fund
* An excellent blog about the Raw Milk Wars (Be sure to read the  comments): The Complete Patient

Homesteading mom, and a truly grass roots activist for small scale and traditional farming rights

DOREEN HANNES discusses, in the broader range, the various farm and buying club raids we have been witnessing lately and relates those to the FDA’s “motion to dismiss” in the FTCLDF suit.
“If the court issues a ruling on this in favor of the FDA, they will have precedent stating that we have no right to any particular food, or health, or the right to contract. They are already acting that way and people need to proactively engage in establishing their own food-supply systems.”

All Articles by Doreen archived at:

Interact with Doreen at:
It’s dangerous to be right when your government is wrong” -Voltaire

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July 21, 2010 (hour 1)
July 21, 2010 (hour 2)
July 21, 2010 (hour 3)


Award winning mental health journalist

ROBERT WHITAKER painstakingly completed massive research, which psychiatry has systematically kept hidden from the public, into the long-term and negative health effects for those prescribed any of the manufactured psychiatric drugs. This situation has become so abused that America is truly facing a massive depression epidemic – or modern day plague.

Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America
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RON SALLEY eagerly details his 23 years of research to create a topical proprietary blend of herbs and botanicals into a unique variety of skin products for your every possible health need.

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ADAM LOCK provides the latest news on Fluoride in your water & how you can reduce it with the PF-2 post filter.
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July 22, 2010 (hour 1)
July 22, 2010 (hour 2)
July 22, 2010 (hour 3)

FRIDAY – JULY 23: “Change Your Thoughts” to “Change Your World”:


CHRISTOPHER CLARK believes the stage is set for an all out war of tyranny and deception versus liberty and truth. We must face the underlying cause of our oppression: ourselves. We must address our fears, our passivity, and our reluctance to embrace our inherent power.
Whoever becomes more CONSCIOUS will triumph in this epic battle of freedom.

Chris serves as a reminder that we must change the way we view events and how we phrase them.

Here is a current example of how we are being played by the controlling elite in a masterful game of psychological warfare – the ever popular call for “a revolution”!

Here is what Chris has to say about “a revolution” in his new book The Triumph of Consciousness:
“Let’s be clear in America, we already had a revolution. The year was 1776. The globalists are the ones who are now fomenting revolution. They’re the ones trying to overthrow our government. We don’t need a revolution. We need to quell their revolution and reestablish our Constitution. They’re the radicals. They’re the revolutionaries, not us.” It is our job to expose them for who they are and stop letting them turn the tables on us.

NEW Power Hour BOOK:
The Triumph of Consciousness: Overcoming False Environmentalism, Lapdog Media and Global Government (by) Christopher James Clark
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Audio Archived at:
July 23, 2010 (hour 1)
July 23, 2010 (hour 2)
July 23, 2010 (hour 3)


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