Jeff Rense’s Gulf Oil Catastrophe Updates – 8/4/10


Oil Catastrophe – Quickest Updates!

Listen FREE MP3Chris Landau – Oil Geologist 7.20.10

Blown Well Images And Shattered Geology

Amazing – Seabed To Explode With Methane? – Vid

Leakage And Chunk Blown Off! – Vid

CNN Reports Final Static Kill Underway – Vid

Oil, Gas, Mud Plumes Mean A Rupture – Vid

BP ROV Footage Looped – Vid

Info Louisiana Quake, New Madrid Fault Line

BP Puts Corexit Toxicity Blame On Allen And EPA – Vid

BP Admits Leak In Cap System – Static Kill Delayed – Vid

How Media Hides Facts About Toxic Corexit – Vid

See The Geology & Why Blowout Is Beyond Repair

Radical Drops In Gulf Oxygen Levels On The Gulf

BP Now Says Static Kill Is Really Just A TEST – Vid

Could BP ‘Static Kill’ Trigger Gulf Earthquakes? – Vid

EPA Finds Oil/Dispersant Mix Highly Toxic – Vid

Corexit Destroying Eco-System Reported By MSM – Vid

BP Says Corexit ‘Safer Than Dish Soap’ (!!!) – Vid

Corexit Operations Still In Progress – Vid

BP Offers 1-Time Payouts To Stem Lawsuits

BP Exec ‘Absolutely’ Would Eat Gulf Seafood

Did Oil Leaving Underground Causes Louisiana Quake?

BP Toxic Dispersants Brings Yet More Trouble

Most Intense Sea Floor Burst Near Well Yet – Vid

Massive Underwater Oil Plumes Stall Gulf Loop Current

BP Double KIll Shot Could Start Monday Night

Grand Isle Town Hall Meeting Part 2 – Vid

More Accounts Of Corexit Aftermath

Legislators Peeved – BP Overdid Dispersants

No BP Payments To Seafood Industry – Vid

Coast Guard Routinely OK’d Use Of Corexit

New Questions Arise About Dispersants In Gulf

New Bursts Coming From Gulf Sea Floor – Vid

Many Outraged At Fed Claims Of ‘Vanishing Oil’

Grand Isle Town Meeting – The Ugly Oil Trulth – Vid

Gulf Victims Coughing Blood And Other Horrors

BP ‘Never Expected’ Well To Have Integrity – Vid

1,000s In Gulf Suffering Misdiagnosed Skin Lesions

Evidence Oil & Corexit Getting Into Food Chain

Corexit Now In Blue Crab Larvae FL To TX – Vid


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