Houston TV on Ron & Rand: After 22 Years in Congress, Ron Paul Still Sticking to his Guns — “I see politicians as pretty weak people because they just follow prevailing attitudes”

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpnPfGpceP4]Rand Paul Ron Paul Interview

randpaul | August 04, 2010

Rand Paul and Ron Paul interviewed by KHOU Houston August 3rd

From: KHOU

Ron Paul, a mild-mannered grandfather from Lake Jackson, has been in Congress for 22 years—but he doesn’t have any kind words for politicians.

“I see politicians as pretty weak people, because they just follow prevailing attitudes,” Paul, a Republican, said.

Paul has always followed his convictions. He believes in less government, so he opposed the stimulus plan, the bank bailout at the war in Iraq.

It’s a message now embraced by the growing Tea Party movement, making Paul en vogue. Time magazine called him the godfather of the Tea Party.

“I guess what they are implying is that we did get this thing started. We might not have control of it. We might not own it, but maybe we helped start it,” Paul said. “What I say to Washington is, watch out – here we come.”

Now, Paul’s son has become a darling of the Tea Party.

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