Jeff Rense’s Gulf Oil Catastrophe Updates – 8/10/10


Oil Catastrophe – Quickest Updates!

Listen FREE MP3Chris Landau – Oil Geologist 7.20.10

BP’s Insidious Coverup And Propaganda

Did The CIA Assassinate Matt Sivmmons?

Very Large Gas Bubble From Sea Floor – Vid

Bad Weather Delays BP Well Kill

Iowa Acid Rain – Pt 2 – Fluorescent Orange Slime – Vid

Methane Clouds Coming Out Of Sea Floor – Vid

Feds Say ‘Testing’ Bubbles From Sea Floor – Vid

New Oil Hits MS Marsh After BP Well Cap – Vid

Land Surveyor Proves Simmons Right – Well Sham

RIP Matt Simmons – Died For The Truth – Vid

Was Simmons Removed Because Of This? – Vid

Now They Say Simmons Drowned In A Hot Tub

BP Basher, Oil Expert Matt Simmons ‘Dies Suddenly’

Oil Disaster Mysteries Solved – Simmons Right – Vids

BP’s Biggest Lie – A Tale Of TWO Wells – Vid

Simmons – ‘We’ve Now Killed The Gulf Of Mexico’ – Vid

What BP & The US Govt Don’t Want You To Know – Vid

Seafloor ‘Bursting’ With Bizarre Anomalies – Vid

BP Confirms Blown Well Plug Worked

BP Relief Well 7 Days From Intercept

BP Sued Over Use Of Dispersants

40% BP Cement Leaked Out Broken Casing – Vid

Thick, Black Oil Bubbles Out Of La. Ground – Vid

Fast Moving Seeps Found In New Location – Vid

Allen Mentions Second Relief Well – Vid

Explosive Sea Flloor Seeps Revealed – Vid

BP To Drill Oil Disaster Site Again?

BP Rig Wreck ‘Could Be Crime Scene’

New Fast-Moving Seepage Found – Vid

Allen – ‘Well Not Sealed Until Bottom Kill’ – Vid

Big Argument – Was Drill Pipe Still Intact? – Vid

Seeps Increase – ‘Probably Methane Hydrates’ – Vid

How Did Five Million Barrels Of Oil Vanish?

White House Accused Of Spinning Gulf Report

Blown Well Images And Shattered Geology


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