Barney Frank Gives Respect to Ron Paul on Jay Leno

From: Daily Paul

Barney Frank Gives Props to Ron Paul on Jay Leno + an idea!

Tonight, Aug. 31 I got a smile on my face watching Jay Leno. Barney Frank was a guest and while being somewhat critical of Obama’s earlier address to the nation he mentioned Ron Paul, stating something to the effect that it was the two of them who were REALLY trying to bring the troops home.

Pure awesomeness! I find it extra special anytime Ron Paul is mentioned in a positive light to a large audience during an entertainment program. The Ron Paul mention comes at around 2:22:


P.S. I just had a thought – I think we should all pull a Betty White and campaign hard to get Ron Paul on SNL. As mentioned above I think it would really help Ron Paul’s image (and drum up support for a potential presidential run) if he had more exposure in pure entertainment settings, thus making him appear more personable and likable to the wider average TV audience.

What do you all think, should we try and get Ron Paul on SNL?

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