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The Illuminati’s Secret 20 Trillion Dollar Bank
Tipping Point
Shocking New IMF Report: The U.S. Dollar Needs To Be Replaced As The World Reserve Currency And SDRs “Could Constitute An Embryo Of Global Currency”
Mythology and Official Nonsense Used to Justify QE2
The Coming Silver Accident
Showdown in the Gold and Silver Markets: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble
ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC All Want Your Chemtrail Photos
Egypt: We Just Don’t Quit, Do We?
Egypt Will Explode
China Drought Global Food Crisis to Trigger Many More Egypts
Mexico Will Follow Egypt Into Collapse
North Korean Military Officers Walk Out of Talks With South Korea
Hitler Finds Out About the DHS Emergency Alert System and the See Something Say Something Program
Thank You and God Bless You Steve!
A Wonderous Lord and a Faithful Servant/A Widow’s Testimony
US Aircraft Carrier Deployment Update
Mexico’s Gun Supply and the 90 Percent Myth
Utah Woman Jailed For Selling Flowers From Her Home
Quote of the Day
Big Bang Scientists Map Cautious Plan for 2011

What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Immortal Micro-Organisms
China to Add Staggering 5,042 Tons of Gold for 10% Reserves
D Börse and NYSE in Advanced Talks
Egypt’s Economy Close To Meltdown. Military Coup Near
Billionaire Fund Manager Thomas Kaplan on Gold
Pricing the World in Gold: 4 Charts
Another Blow For UK Families: Fastest Rise In Prices Of Staple Foods In Five Years
Plain Of Jars – Laos Ancient Legend Says Giants Drank From These
Hackers Breach Tech Systems of Multinational Oil Companies
Pictures: Volcano Lightning Electrifies Japan Eruption
Alaska’s Next Big Earthquake?
Giant Locusts Threaten NSW Crops
Let It Cut Both Ways: US Foreign Aid and State-Sponsored Terrorism
Why Is China Building Eerie ‘Ghost Cities’?
Alex Jones Exposes “See Something, Say Something” as Patent Fraud
Lock Box Confusion Costs Local Woman
“Inexcusable”: TSA STILL Refusing To Release Naked Scanner Safety Reports
Quote of the Day
Alcohol Can Be A Gas
Assange Worked on US Intel Computer Espionage

The Great Global Debt Prison
$20-Trillion War Costs Bankrupting US
Global Credit Contagion On the Verge Again
10 Reasons Why It Has Become So Soul-Crushingly Difficult To Find A Job In America Today
China Creates Rare Earth Strategic Reserves
Wheat Surges to Highest Since 2008 on China Drought, Middle Eastern Buying
Corn Prices To Soar As Chinese Imports Increase Ninefold Compared To Official Projections
Celente – Official Unemployment Rate Is An ‘Official’ Lie
Bankster Vs Deadbeat
China, Inflation and Gold
Coming Soon: A 300-Percent Increase in Foreclosures
Icelandic Volcano ‘Set to Erupt’
Mexico’s Produce Wiped Out–Force Majeure Clause Invoked
Indonesian Mob Burns Churches, Attack Police
Army Chief Ashkenazi: Prepare for All-Out War
Robots To Get Their Own Internet
Children Are Happier With Their Virtual Lives Not The Real World
Clinic Near Baden-Baden Considered For Mubarak
Vet’s Testimonial
Occult Significance of the Pan-American Union (SPP), and the Great Seal – flashback

DHS Seizes Websites for Merely LINKING to Copyrighted Material
Huffington Post Censors Jesse Ventura 9/11 Article
Americans Will Flock Into $5,000 Gold and $500 Silver
What Do the Chinese Know That We Don’t?
Silver to Soar in 2011, says Investment Guru
Gold Rush As Shortage Of Precious Metal Hits UAE
Fury Builds Over Blackouts Caused By De-Industrialization Of America
Richard Maybury on the Collapse of the Anglo-American Empire and What It Means for You
Asian Demand for Gold & Silver Will Cause Much Higher Prices
Peter Schiff -There Will be Riots in the Streets
Russian Volcano Activity Causes Global Concern
Kyushu Volcano To Continue Eruptions Over Next Two Weeks: Experts
Flu Breakthrough Promises a Vaccine To Kill All Strains
Documents Show Army’s Disservice to Broken Soldiers
Airmen, It’s Illegal for Your Kids to Read WikiLeaks
China’s Hostile Space Capabilities Worry US: Official
Obama to America: Get Lost
There’s No Hiding from New Breath-Detecting Robot
What Is Causing The ‘Booms’?

We Are Witnessing the Collapse of the Middle East
Egyptian Police Use Facebook And Twitter To Track Down Protesters’ Names Before ‘Rounding Them Up’
U.S. Sees A Role for Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
All Banks Notified by DHS of Unannounced Warrentless Looting of Anyone’s Personal Bank Accounts or Safe Deposit Boxes!
Silver in Complete Backwardation
Gold This Decade
20,000 Servicemembers, Vets Lost Homes in 2010
Do Financial Dictators Run Western Economies?
9% Unemployment Rate is a Statistical Lie
Total Manure
White House Attacks Prison Report On Blackouts
White House Insider: Obama is Clueless. Totally Clueless
TSA’s Homosexual Motivation
You Are Invited to the First Ron Paul Hearing
The Uncertain Future Forecasting Project Goes Open-Source
The Frightening Idea Of Engineering Immortality
Quote of the Day – Notice how seriously God takes note of those who neglect the poor and needy
Blind Guides
Death Wish: The Impending Suicide Of A Once Great Nation
Birds Use Quantum Theory To Literally ‘See’ Earth’s Magnetic Field As They Fly

A ‘String Of Failures’ by FBI, Defense in Failing To Discharge Hasan
Congress Prepares to Renew the USA Patriot Act, Corporate Media Silent
China on Track To Become Top Gold Buyer
China to Raise Gold, Silver Reserves in 2011
Why You Should Be Buying Gold As the Fed Prints Money
Jim Rogers: Obama Is Ruining America
Bernanke Warns Of Catastrophe If Debt Limit Not Raised
The “Recovery” in Consumer Loans Isn’t Real
Iraqi Dinar Scam
Unilever Warns Of Price Rises As Food Costs Soar
Egypt Diverts Media Attention from U.S. Economy
Global Fish Consumption Hits Record High
Secret Police Blamed as Peace Protesters Gunned Down in Cairo
Egypt And The Muslim Brotherhood: A Stratfor Special Report
Authoritarian Governments Start Stockpiling Food to Fight Public Anger
Chemtrails Make CBS – Atlanta
Ova-Fusion and the Elimination of the Male
The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore
Thank You From Shane
Facilitate Insight by Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation
Next Smartphone Tech? Predator Style Thermal Cameras

Egypt Now Fears Obama a ‘Manchurian President’
Obama’s “Stealth” Egyptian Dilemma
The Last Crusade
Obama’s 6 Hypocritical Guidelines For Peaceful Protest in Egypt
With Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional; States Embrace Limits On Federal Power
Senate Repeals Part Of Health Care Law
World of Two Halves! Map Shows Most of Northern Hemisphere Is Covered In Snow and Ice
WikiLeaks: Tension in the Middle East and Asia Has ‘Direct Potential’ to Lead to Nuclear War
World Food Prices Reach New Record
Even Donald Trump Is Warning That An Economic Collapse Is Coming
Bill Gross Compares Ben Bernanke To Satan, Calls For A Bondholder-Citizen “Exorcizing” Comintern
Silver Eagle Sales Hit Their Second-Highest Ever
Big Gains Are to be Made in Platinum and Palladium
Ostrich Investing
S. Korea Culls More Than 3 Mln Livestock to Control FMD
But Will It Fit In My Hangar? The Harrier Jump Jet For Sale on eBay at £69,999
Student Punished Over Ziploc Bag As Eco Fascists Move to Futher Control Society
Evangelical Chaplains May Face Ultimatum
Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet
Quote of the Day

Gold and Silver Set to Resume Upward Trajectory
Trump: Things in US Could Get Worse, Buy Gold
On Mervyn King’s Apology That Central Banks Are Destroying The Middle Class’ Standard Of Living
Crash Landing
China Should Increase Precious Metals Reserves
10 Things We Can Learn From Egypt About Preparing for Economic and Societal Collapse
Food and Failed Arab States
Cyclone Yasi ‘More Life Threatening Than Any Experienced In Recent Generations’
Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Prepare Egyptians for War With Israel’
Who Will Die First when SHTF: A Warning
Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF Storage
Egypt in Chaos – Where It Began, Where Its Headed – audio
Revolutionary Fervor to Spread Beyond Arab States; Europe Next
TSA Invades Roads & Highways With VIPR Checkpoints
Stanley A Fulham Said UFO’s Would Show Up On 12/10/10: They Did, They Even Stopped the Space Shuttle
‘Minority Report’ May Come to Real World With Iris Recognition
Apocalyptic AI: Visions of Heaven in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality
Coping: You Ain’t Gonna Like This, But…
Michigan School District Allows Sikh Students to Wear Religious Dagger to School
In Defense of Zecharia Sitchin by Lloyd Pye

Davos Elites Enjoys the Global Depression
Cashless Society: ‘Facebook Nation’ Unveils Its New Currency
Don’t Retreat, Reload Your Gold
Federal Reserve Punishing Savers In Low Interest Rate Environment
The Continuing Argument Over Fiscal Policy
Nearly 11 Percent of US Houses Empty
Another See I Told you So Moment: Capital Controls
Denial On The Nile
When Good Muslims Go Bad
Worldwide Islamist Revolution Explodes
Keep Your Eye on Middle East Wild Card
Egyptian Standoff: Mubarak Stays, Army Won’t Oust Him And People Stand Fast
Mubarak’s Going to Saudi Arabia, CIA-Backed Forecasters Say
$170 Million Mock City Rises at Marine Base
Commentary on All Ambassadors Called Back to State
Stuxnet Returns To Bushehr Reactor. Russia Warns Of Nuclear Explosion
Russian Linguist, Previously Associated with Army Intelligence Couple Shot and Killed Their Two Children
Snowy Spectacle Leaves Residents Of Gloucestershire, England Baffled
Thank You From Tracy
Taste of Tech: Biohacking the Future

UFO Sightings Spawn COMETA Report, Fear Of World Crisis
Methuselah in the Machine
9/11 Whistleblower Susan Lindauer On Life In a Military Prison
Egypt: US-Backed Repression is Insight for American Public
Tribes Threaten to Attack Suez Canal if Mubarak Does Not Step Down
Egyptian Standoff As Mubarak Stays Put
Egypt is Another Soros “Color” Revolution
Keep Your Eye on Middle East Wild Card
Gold Premiums Highest Since 2004; India, China Stock Up
China Central Bank Advisor Urges Increase In Official Gold And Silver Reserves
American Eulogy
9 Signs That The Price Of Oil Is About To Soar Beyond $100 A Barrel
Less than a 3 percent drop in asset values could wipe out Wall Street” – Crisis Panel Says In Final Report
Are Gold and Silver Still a Buy? Absolutely – & Here’s Why
Who is Draining GLD?
Tectonic Plates Collapsing under Pakistan and Indonesia
Seismic Fault Beneath Us Is ‘Fully Loaded’ After 311 Years
Shinmoedake Volcano Forms Lava Dome; Danger Of Superheated Gas Rises
Navy Research Paper: ‘Disrupt Economies’ with Man-Made ‘Floods,’ ‘Droughts’ – flashback
Ancient Legends Once Walked Among Early Humans?

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