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2011 FEBRUARY 12 – 18

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Wisconsin: Protestors take control of the state capitol, and 14 Democrat Senators flee the state to prevent the legislature from functioning. The issue behind this is that the Governor introduced a bill (supported by the Republican majority) to balance the budget by requiring state employees to pay a larger share of their own pension and healthcare costs and by reducing power of the state-employee union. Other options to balance the budget are (1) increase taxes or (2) request an ongoing and never-ending bailout by the federal government (via taxpayers) which will increase federal control. Over 40 states now are facing the same problem.
ABC News
2011 Feb 18 (Cached)

US: Over 100 doctors, nurses, and physical therapists are arrested for Medicare fraud, typically involving over-billing for procedures or for procedures not performed. Fraud of this kind is estimated at $60 billion to $90 billion per year. [This is just a peek at what to expect under Obamacare.] Ohio.com 2011 Feb 18 (Cached)

US: Righthaven is an organization that sues blogs and news sites for copyright infringement when they quote copyrighted material from other sources. The net effect is to harass or silence alternative media. Righthaven’s first case (it has 238 cases pending) was dismissed based on the ‘Fair Use’ law, but this will be appealed. Activist Post 2011 Feb 18 (Cached)

US: Fox News is caught creating false news to put Congressman Ron Paul in a bad light. The real news is that Paul was the overwhelming winner of the Conservative Political Action Committee’s straw poll for the next Presidential candidate, and the announcement was followed by prolonged cheers. The false news is that, when Fox aired the event, it played video from the 2010 convention in which there was a mixed reaction from the delegates including some boos from his opponents. The effect is that Paul was denied recognition of the fact that he has gained mightily in popularity in the last year. [Fox News plays the role of being pro-Constitution and anti-big government but only supports Republicans who vote for the same collectivist schemes they pretend to oppose. People like Ron Paul, who actually vote against collectivism, are usually ostracized or sabotaged by the network. This is classic.] The Cutline 2011 Feb 17 (Cached)

Idaho’s State House of Representatives is the first to pass legislation nullifying Obamacare. [Great start, Idaho! Now the Idaho Senate, the Governor, and all the other states need to follow suit] TAC 2011 Feb 16 (Cached)

US: Senate votes to extend key provisions of the misnamed Patriot Act for 90 days. [Both major parties support the Patriot Act, along with President Obama, so there is no reason to expect the Act not to be fully renewed in 90 days.] Yahoo 2011 Feb 15 (Cached)

Chinese companies found mass producing fake rice out of potatoes and plastic.
Natural News 2011 Feb 15 (Cached)

US: Foreclosure volume soars 50% in California, Arizona, Washington, and many other states. The reason is that the ‘foreclosure moratorium’ has ended, and homes that were suspended in the process now are being disposed. Next month is expected to be worse. [But pay no attention. They still are assuring us the recession is over.]
Business Insider
2011 Feb 15 (Cached)

Washington State to require all firms that buy second-hand precious metals (including coins) to obtain personal information and photograph from anyone who is selling – to thwart thieves with stolen goods, of course. PPJ Gazette 2011 Feb 15 (Cached)

US: Veterans who have been raped by others in the military are suing the Pentagon for grossly mishandling the cases. Sometimes the victims had to serve alongside their attackers. Yahoo 2011 Feb 15 (Cached)

China overtakes Japan as world’s second largest economy, based on the gross domestic product. This is primarily because Japan’s economy decreased. Telegraph 2011 Feb 14 (Cached)

Obama’s budget estimates a federal deficit for this fiscal year over $15 trillion, larger than the entire US annual economy. [The budget cuts obtained by newly elected Tea Party members are meaningless against these staggering numbers, and budget estimates always are more favorable that reality. How much longer can America survive its leaders?]
Washington Times
2011 Feb 14 (Cached)

US: Islam jihadi who assisted the 7/7 London bombers, is quietly released from prison after less than 5 years. Since petty thieves often serve longer terms, this has prompted claims that he was an undercover informer for the US government at the time. The judge even said that he had ‘cooperated’ with authorities prior to his arrest.
2011 Feb 13 (Cached)

Arizona’s Financial Transparency legislation has been introduced calling for making available to the public all state and local government incoming receipts, outgoing payments, and asset balance. [This is an excellent proposal because a significant part of state and local cash flow often is hidden from the public. Expect to see entrenched powers do everything possible to defeat this bill.] Walter Burien 2011 Feb 13 (Cached)

Mexico loses over 80% of its crops to big freeze, the coldest weather in over half a century. This, in combination with inflation, points to skyrocketing food prices in Mexico and the US. [And they are still pushing cap-and-trade taxes to combat the effects of so-called global warming. Hmmm: Higher food prices, higher taxes, and fewer jobs. There are going to be a lot of unhappy people. The word Egypt comes to mind.]

Digital Journal Posted 2011 Feb 12 (Cached)

The North American Union (merger of the US, Mexico, and Canada) is moving ahead as Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Harper agree to a common ‘perimeter’ around both countries and a biometric ID to track all North Americans. They further agreed to work jointly on health, security, terror, fraud and the economy. [Congress and the American people are not being consulted in this matter.] New American Posted 2011 Feb 12 (Cached)

US: An estimated 28.7 million jobs have been exported from the US since 1992 due to NAFTA. Both major parties supported the treaty. In his 2008 presidential campaign, Obama promised to renegotiate parts of NAFTA to bring jobs back to the US. [How many years ago was that?]
Business Insider
Posted 2011 Feb 12 (Cached)

US: Study shows that exposure to pesticides paraquat and rotenone increases the chance of developing Parkinson’s disease by 250%.
Posted 2012 Feb 11 (Cached)

UK: Woman is handcuffed and charged with stealing after taking potato waffles and pies that had been thrown away by a local grocery store. The charge was “Theft by finding.” Makes taking food that has been thrown away a crime by charging a woman with “theft by finding”.
Posted 2011 Feb 12 (Cached)

World Economic Forum says the world needs $100 trillion in new credit over the next decade, which would double the level of existing credit. [That means doubling the world’s money supply at a time when goods and services are shrinking. That spells massive inflation as the value of the money falls. Since members of the WEF are highly placed or influential in the major governments of the world, this tells us what to expect from those governments.]

Posted 2011 Feb 12 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

US: Zero-tolerance policies in schools are converting them into agencies of a police state, prison-like in nature; criminalizing behavior, and punishing instead of educating. Analysis by John Whitehead.
Lew Rockwell
2011 Feb 17 (Cached)

The Global Warming Conspiracy, a documentary by Jesse Ventura, is well worth watching. In spite of the overly dramatic style of production, the facts are accurate and important. They will make you angry. truTV, Posted 2011 Feb 14

Here is an excellent analysis of “Which Path to Persia,” a strategy paper prepared by the Brookings Institute, which is a think tank funded by mega-corporations within the orbit of the CFR. Everything that is happening in the Middle East is in accordance with this plan, developed in 2009. If you want to know what will happen next, read this. All major decision were made long ago.
Activist Post
2011 Feb 13 (Cached)

Playing the Global-Warming Card: This analysis explains how the myth of global warming is the centerpiece of the current movement for expanding government, controlling people, and depopulation, a movement known as Agenda 21. MorphCity 2011 Feb 11 (Cached)

The Singularity’ is the name given to the point in the development of technology where, theoretically, it will be possible to transfer human consciousness and introspection into self-directed, self-repairing, and self replicating robots. Don’t laugh too quickly. Scientists and futurists are giving this concept a fair amount of credibility. Even if you are not convinced it is possible, you may find this report of interest. Time 2011 Feb 10 (Cached)


When the enemies of freedom cannot hide or deny the truth, they proclaim it boldly but mix it with outrageous or offensive claims so people will recoil from the whole, like mixing garbage with groceries to stink up the bag causing us to throw out the good with the bad. Another collectivist strategy is to send agents into the ranks of freedom activists to become their leaders. One reason the freedom movement has been consistently defeated is that false leaders put up a good fight but, at the last minute, accept defeat or switch sides. News items in this section illustrate these strategies.

US: Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has been an outspoken advocate of adhering to the Constitution. Yet, after newly elected ‘Tea Party’ Congressmen and women who had their endorsement voted this week to renew the unconstitutional Patriot Act, CPAC was silent and continued to praise those who broke their pledge. [This is a classic case of controlled opposition. Collectivists playact at being Constitutionalists to get elected and then betray those who they fooled.]
2011 Feb 14 (Cached)

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