Jeff Rense Japan Nuclear Disaster Headlines


Japan Nuclear Disaster

 Yoichi Shimatsu
Japan Update 4.11.11
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Japan Update 4.18.11
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Hi-Res Photos PROVE (MOX) Reactor Core EXPLODED In Bldg 3

Daily Fukushima Radiation Emissions VASTLY HIGHER Than Said

Fukushima Plutonium, Strontium Are HERE In The US Since March 18

Deadly Radioactive Concrete Pieces Found Near #3

Helen Caldicott On The Japan Radiation Disaster – Vid

High Rad Levels In Enlarged Evac Zone – No Isotope ID

Wide Radiation Variations In Zone – No Isotopes Identified

TEPCO Slows Water Pouring Into #4 Spent Fuel Pool

Mass Farm Animal Deaths In Fukushima Dead Zone

Growing Worry About Structural Integrity Of Reactor #1

‘Fukushima 50’ Criticize Inconsistent Iinformation

Warnings Of Nuke Disaster Not Heeded – Ex-Governor

Chernobyl Deniers Use Too Simple Radiation Risk Data

America’s Friends – Jews Savagely Mock Jesus On Israel TV – Vid

Update On Status Of Reactors At Fukushima – PDF

Fukushima = 2,000 A-Bombs – Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide

EPA’s Radiation Detection System Not 100%

5 More Towns Outside Japan Exclusion Zone Must Vacate

Radioactive Water To Hamper Fukushima Cooling Efforts

Fukushima Workers Rage Over Shoddy Exposure Regulation

TEPCO Data Points Directly To Out-Of-Control Fission Going On

Arnie Gunderson On Global Radiation And Its Consequences – Vid

Radioactive Iodine 131 Now In LA Tapwater

4 More Quakes Hit East Coast Of Japan, Vicinity Of Fukushima

Radioactive Iodine Found In Breast Milk Of Japan Mothers

Japanese Breast Milk Contaminated Far From Fukushima

Fukushima Evacuees Face Arrest If They Go Home

Livestock Left To Die In Fukushima  Dead Zone

Reactor 2 Has Melted Into Dry Well – Explosion Possible

TEPCO – Fuel In Reactor 1 ‘May Have Melted Down’

Deadly Water Into Sea 10,000 Times Worse Than 3 Mile Island

FDA Refuses To Monitor AK Fish – Ocean Currents Don’t Lie

PowerPoint Fukushima Overview – Part 1

PowerPoint Fukushima Overvew – Part 2


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