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Bin Laden’s death — the truth or a cunning diversion?

[youtube=]Alex Jones doesn’t buy Bin Laden’s death

Uploaded by on May 2, 2011

The United States government says Osama Bin Laden has been eliminated, but is that the truth or a cunning diversion? Radio host Alex Jones is far too suspicious about the announcement of Bin Laden’s death, and at a moment crucial for the re-election of President Obama, Jones alleges that the grand standing and [f]ear mongering purp[e]trated by the administration is but a “Swiss army knife of excuses” to sell the country on America’s other problems.


Charlie McGrath: C H A O S – U N L E A S H E D | War is Peace — Freedom is Slavery — Ignorance is Strength


Alex Jones Special Broadcast on The Bin Laden Hoax


  1. Anonymous

    Osama was never in Afghanistan.
    He is in US enjoying life with Bushe’s family.
    This is yet another conn from US government

  2. Journalism R Spells

    The magicians cloaked as journalists spellbind entire nations time and again with their magical spells presenting it as ‘NEWS’. How low can the standards drop in the Western led world? When can we expect their walking dead citizens ever to wake up or are they to remain so gullible?

  3. penelope

    Sad crazy little man – watch out Alex – “THEY” will get you next – pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      A typical comment from someone suffering from cognitive dissonance! Don’t be a coward the face up to what is really going on and who is pu.lling the strings.

  4. Hey

    Hey Penelope, it’s sad you actually believe everything your television tells you.

  5. almubaarak

    Hey guys, don’t be deceived by the cunning lies of obama, Osama had died early in 2002 from a kidney disease. Visit this link and be convinced:

  6. Journalism R Spells

    I’ve just checked one of Alex Jones’s principal source Dr Steve Pieczenik on Wikipedia, which states that “This article is being considered for deletion”. They are questioning his reliable, but are inviting varifications! Any comments?

    • Graham

      Wikipedia, is not the place to look for the truth about matters secretive and conspiratorial. Nor is the mainstream media which is mostly owned by the same organizations – see link & other sites

      Instead, use your brain and the internet.

      “All truth passes through three stages.
      First, it is ridiculed.
      Second, it is violently opposed.
      Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

      Arthur Schopenhauer

      If you want to find this truth you have a weapon against these purveyors of deceipt, corruption and evil – it’s called Google!

      But first you will need to clear your mind of any previous programming that your government cares more about you than it does about it’s evil globalistic agenda.

      Take some time to consider that the Illuminati might just exist. Watch the videos of the WTC buildings collapse and ask yourself, honestly, why they collapsed at virtually the same speed (freefall speed) as an apple dropped from the same height defying Newton’s Laws of Motion. Have a look at the Illuminati symbols placed over Princess Diana’s death site in Paris and start getting curious. There’s lots, lots more so put “9/11 truth” into the magic search engines that have give us this new found pathway to the truth. . . . . . . . Good luck.

      • Journalism R Spells

        Thanks. This video is really in teresting. I only wish more ppl were as open minded as you.

  7. saul ramirez

    This is all some BS. osama is not dead. you people that believe that are stupid ass hell! The damn government is just saying that so the can distract us from something that is happening or something that will happen! Its all plans of the F***ing goveenment and the illuminati! IM NOT BUYING NONE OF THIS BS! I know too much about this! all u got to do is look it up in the internet, but dont go to none of our websites because the government are just showing us what we want see and telling us what we want to hear! you have go in real deep into the other countries and hear wat they are sayin and what they are thinking! FUCK OUR GOVERNMENT!!!!! I say that proudly!

  8. saul ramirez

    And if osama is dead, the USA didnt kill him… and its crazy if osama did died long ago and they are just mentioning it now just so obama could get credit for this!!!! look this this up once again. obama was born to be in the f***ing illuminati! his birth date and everything match with the illuminati conspiracy! Fuck obama!!!!

  9. m.k.o momoh

    President Obama definitely without any iota of doubt in my mind is simply playing politics with his announcement of bn Laden’s death. Obama & his white House team has been very economical with the truth about their bn Laden’s death claims & has not been able to demonstrate enough confidence & boldness ever since & I fear this may Obama’s Water Gate scandal, because I’m beginning to fear this might be a game, an intelligent political idea he must have bought from the republicans’ dominated CIA, FBI, & the U.S military, unfortunately unknown to him, he has purchased a failed political intelligence coup, ready to be foiled by the republicans just few months to the U.S presidential election! Otherwise, how do you explain the action of a government that continue to hold up a huge number of little suspected alqaeda/taliban elements in Gitmo in search of evidence for 9/11 attackers, only for the same government to publicly announce that the suspected 9/11 master planner himself bn Laden had been killed unarmed, thereby denying him fair trial & destroying the evidence that the person killed was actually bn Laden by hurriedly burying him in the sea in less than 48hrs of his killing claims by the Obama administration. To me, this is the lowest & most childish intelligence political game I have seen a sitting U.S. President play!

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