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Jesse Ventura speaks with Alex Jones from Mexico: “I’ve been lied to so much I question everything the government tells me”

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“There’s more Hells Angels than Al Qaeda” Jesse Ventura

Former Navy SEAL and Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura has questioned Barack Obama’s official narrative regarding the raid on Osama Bin Laden, telling the Alex Jones Show of his suspicions that Osama died years ago, and expressing disbelief that the man seen flicking between TV channels in the video released by the White House Saturday was actually Bin Laden.
“I’ve been lied to so much I question everything the government tells me,” Ventura said, adding that the Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman cover-ups made him suspect the official version of last Sunday’s events.

“I don’t know what to believe, that’s the disturbing thing about being a United States citizen,” said Ventura, noting how the media has for the most part simply regurgitated everything the White House claimed about the raid.




Big show tonight on ‘Coast’! Steve Pieczenik (the real Jack Ryan of ‘The Patriot Games’) how Psy-ops are being used against the American People | Mark Dice on thursday!!!


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  1. liz

    Ok I DO NOT for one minute beleive anything we are being told about the death of osama bin laden – i had doubts and questions the day it happened and they changed stories nothing added up. Im sure their are several theories floating around and this is mine – we are being lied to because and for obamas sake this will be the only thing to save his ass when the truth does come out. We actually captured bin laden and he agreed to tell secrets on al qaeda and other terriost if wee protect him. So the truth be told now he is actually secretly put into witness protection with the cia. This could go either way – help the U.S or bring the U.S down.

    To make sure that they keep this secret very hush hush lets say the obama administration found a relative a cousin, distant brother or even a look a like who maybe could have undergone plastic surgry if need be. By possibly using a realative the DNA match would show family ties to his sisters DNA. So osama or a family member would both show family ties to her. OK there were 2 helicopters one we attempted to blow up because of mechanical failure. So now there is one helicopter to take both crews now, 6 navy seals plus obamas dead body and all of the hard drives and info we gathered.and after they left islamabad they transported the remains to afaghanistan by the helicopter to do the dna testing – There is very little time to fly over there do testing the flight tookn what 2 hours maybe and thats pushing it, and i would think they helicopter could even possibly be over weight, not prepared to have both crews and all of the hard drives, paper work, books any thing of value to the u.s for evidence. Could that slow them even more? it takes time to correctly separate the sequence from the dna samples – so if they were rushed, could be incorrect. Lots of questions and too much room for error. So now back to my conspiracy theory, DNA is done, how fast, and now obama has the new ‘osama bin laden double” Mind you all the while the modern day hitler the real osama bin laden in living large protected some where in the bahamas. And now obama is making sure the navy seals,. media, citizens every one but the cia and obama administration would now be led to believe that after careful, quick dna matches that the body the brave navy seals took out by orders “allegedly” from Obama himself, was infact proven to be the one and only Osama bin laden. If there wasnt a relative to be used, then here comes the Osama “double” who was hand chosen and lead to possibly believe he was chosen by a high ranking al qaeda leader to carry out the next suicide mission. But this wouldnt be attaching a bomb on himself. Instead pretend to be Osama himself, allow the u.s to kill him and he would take the bullet with pride, believing he will be welcomed with opened arms into the holy land with plenty wine and virgins and what ever else they are promised in this “kingdom.” Another senerio perhaps, the “new osama bin laden” was told he was chosen to help carry out the next attack on the U.S. By impersonating the real Osama Bin Laden. Giving the real Osama a chance to go undected to finish this new attack. When navy seals showed up to take osama out as ordered the double in shock, And infact never fought back like we are being told he surrendered, and he was shot and killed ordered by the obama administration, so that the plan would be carried out. If this osama double had no weapons & basically surrendered, then why kill him? The president should order him detained and questioned for possible leads in to future terrorist attacks. But instead – obama administration orders the brave navy seals to kill him no questions asked. So that Obamas plan to have the osama double buried at sea because once it is done there is no going back all proof is gone! and we are being told we are to respect his islamic religion and give him a proper burial. And islamic law states that the body be buried on land, not sea. Unless there is fear his body could excummed and desturb his final resting place, then Islmaic law states the body is then allowed to be buried at sea. His body was washed in accordance with islamic custom, placed in a white sheet, then put inside a weighted bag. There was a small group of witnesses, a military officer read religous remarks and was translated into arabic by a translater. Then respectivly placed onto a board and eased into his final resting spot at the bottom of the arabian sea.
    And obamas plan to keep the real Osama Bin Laden alive and well is now under way. Now there is no way anyone can prove that the Osama double, is just that a double instead of the real deal. Now Obama is under pressure to prove with video and photo his death because his plan has flaws, and the people are smarter than he gives us credit for. America is wanting answers, but Obama is determined that we never get the answers we as a nation are intitled too. Obama is now afraid since america could easily tell that the first photos of osama bin ladens death with the gun shot wound to the head was an altered photo. And all our officals have to say is they thought it was real, they didnt know where it came from? And Obama sticks firmly to the photos are “too grousome the brains the blood.” Damn Its not hard to clean up the blood and brains a bit, or put his towel hat or whatever on his head.You can still tastefully show the entire world, every one, the people who lost loved ones because of his attacks, and people who have lost loved ones due to other terriost attacks. The people need some kind of closure and proof he is gone so we can rebuild our country and finally know that the loved ones lost in 9-11 or any terrorist attack can finally rest in peace.
    The next excuse he doesnt want to offend his family and his country, causing a possible attack against the U.S. He doesnt want it to seem like we are bragging or rubbing his ‘death’ in his countries, families, even al qeadas faces. Well of course the pictures/ videos Obama has, is of the osama double. And again he is afraid people in both the u.s and other countries will begin to question the photos of the double. And Obamas plan would be ruined. But if the photos and videos is in fact real osama bin laden why wont he show it. If al qaeda plans on attacking they will do it regardless of a photo with osama brains blew out. You know if osama was killed or captured you can beat that he left orders on what to do and when. There will be attacks against the u.s carried out by al qaeda. Unfortunatly we will never know when, its a waiting game. And IF We actually did kill the real osama bin laden why is our president giving that monster a proper burial? he does not deserve it at all. We did not give his family who was killed along with osama a proper burial – We do not give any muslium, islamic any one our brave men and women kill while protecting our country. So why him, why did obama feel required, he is no one special a monster who killed 1000’s and 1000’s over our nation and does not care or feel remorse. He is equilivent to a modern day Hitler. Did we give hitler a proper send off no, what about sadam no we did not. This is obama way of telling the men and woman that he is sworn to protect and serve fu*k you basically and gives the middle finger! Basically i take this as obama saying to osama good bye my friend RIP. It will come back to haunt this ‘animal” i will say, who is running our country. Americans are all over the internet asking questions, wanting answers, and losing respect for this man using this to get re elected for another term.
    Back to my conspiracy theory
    Obama thinks he has this covered no one will question this, and this is where it can go good or bad for us. Osama bin laden coroparates with the Obama admisistration and obama is the hero no more terror attacks the world is great and wonderful. That would be great, and if this did happened and eventually it does get out- that as a nation our leaders lied to the world, but it was in our nations best intrest to help the U.S with the war on terror, a huge break thru. America’s questions are answered they no longer hate obama it works out. Like i said for obamas sake this better the the case to save his ass. But im sorry this will never happen, shame obama for ever thiking he is smarter and can force a terrorist to coroparate with the U.S – They hate the U.S – and here goes the more likley theory:

    Our president is now actually dumb enough to believe the REAL Osama will help the americans – wrong. And this conspiracy takes yet another more horrific turn for the united states and our people. And president Obama and Obama alone is the person who is at fault and to blame, because he does not care about the american people who voted him in office. His actions have shown america that he really doesnt care and take pride or responsibily any of his actions. Obama is only worried about how “he” will look like a hero to the world. b When in fact he is a wolf in sheeps clothing, reports say he played golf the morning of attacks while the others where waiting news, when action started he showed up, of course in his golf attair. That is a important day for our national and he couldnt even give enough respect towards the U.S to be right there waiting for news, and we are being told that obama actually called off the seals, and the military or the seals over rode Obama and took out Osama or the double oasma, which ever one. That being said The real Osama bin laden who is in whitness protection. Makes our super smart president think he is fully coroprating and over time he tells obama about small terriost attacks planned over the nation, and obama will then tell the american people that he intercepted plans of an attack both in the U.S and around the world. Remember Osama bin laden is sticking to odama. Again this continues possibly a couple years. Obama fully trust osama bin laden now, he has lived up to his end of the bargin, which is what he wants obama to believe. Osama bin laden tell obama about a huge attack on the u.s equal to 9-11. Obama is worked up his -every one is focusing on lets say new york, osama says it will be in new york again – and i am just giving examples – so like i said obama will announce he again learned of this attack and he will stop it. yeah right WRONG Osama’s master plan is now in motion – he will launch anall out terror war in maytbe califoria the opposite side of the us. or maybe houston where the world famous medical center is that could be awful or the chemical plants at the ship channel. What ever he does will be huge and obama and the U.s will never see it comming gaurd down. Osama back up 1! Never trust a terriost he will always be a terriost. Disaster for the U.S.
    This is one of my theories, dont mean its right or wrong, but face it we are being lied to by obama. And this could maybe be why -there are several theories out there- and i promise we making obama sweat because we are putting things together.

    My last theory is that pakistan gets a billion bucks from us to help catch bin laden how can america be in so much debt how can we give a billion dollars to a country trusting them to help us. Obama not smart – they do not like us and will not help and they did infact know where he was and you can beat bin laden paid pakistan a pretty penny to protect him. Although we cant prove it it happened. That could be why they got so mad we didnt let them know so pakistan couldnt help bin laden, and there goes pakistans money – and now probably loose our support as well. But its sad because all of this money that was given to this country was probably used on nuculear bombs atomic bombs all sorts and the U.S probably has its name written all over these bombs. Because we let our gaurd down thankas to our officals, and loose focus and think we are rhe strongest country and we are the boss and we are in control, and we go into other countries where we are not wanted and we loose 1000’s of our brave soliders because our top officals is worried soley about how this will make them look – not that they are actually setting the United Staes up for disaster. Thank you!

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