Japan Nuclear Disaster

Yoichi Shimatsu
Japan Update 5.9.11
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Fukushima Live Cam 24/7

#1 Reactor IS In Meltdown – Holes In Reactor Bottom – Vid

Confirmed – Radioactive ‘Lava’ Eating Thru Reactor Bottom

TEPCO Admits #1 Meltdown May Be Through Bottom Of Containment

Much Bigger Damage To Reactor #1 Admitted By TEPCO

Severe Breach In Reactor #1 Will Slow TEPCO ‘Optimism’

Underwater Robot Captures Huge Fukushima Damage – Vid

Worse Than Expected Damage Seen At Japan Reactor

Water BELOW #1 Reactor Fuel Rods, Total Meltdown Thought – Vid

TEPCO – Virtually No Water In #1 Reactor Or Its Containment!

Fukushima Radioactive Smoke Blocks Live Cam! – Pic 

The Great Fukushima Deadly Radioactive Smoke Out – Vid

TEPCO (Finally) Admits MOX Reactor 3 Is Leaking

Radioactive Water Found In Reactor 3 (MOX) Pit

New Fukushima Smoke – ‘Don’t Worry!’ Says TEPCO – Vid

New Fukushima Reactor 3 & 4 Fires? – Graphic Footage – Vid

Beginning To Look A Lot Like (A Fukushima) Christmas

TEPCO Reviews Status (sort of) Of 4 Fukushima Reactors

MIT – Fukushima Chain Reactions AFTER Quake, Tsunami

Hamaoka Shutdown Could Trigger Chain Of Power Outages

Fukushima – No Way Out

Fukushima Reactor Bldg 4 Leaning, May Collapse – Vid

TEPCO Admits It May Have To Slow ‘Repairs’ Over Radiation – Vid

Radiation Very High At #3 Spent Fuel Pool (uh, WHAT pool?) – Vid

New Vid Shows NO Spent Fuel Pool Left At MOX Reactor 3 – Vid

Rense & Shimatsu – Shredding The Deadly Lies Of Fukushima – Vid

Canada Joins US In Reducing Testing Of Milk For Radiatiion – Vid

Survey Shows High Radiation Outside Of Exclusion Zone

Fukushima #3 Explosion Blew Plutonium All Over The Place

Opening #1 Released Huge 500m Becquerel Plume – 700 Millisieverts/Hr Inside

Radiation Leak At Japan’s Tsuruga Nuclear Plant

Temp In Fukushima 3 (MOX) Up 40c In ONE Day – Meltdown?

TEPCO – Doors Of #1 Reactor Building Will Open Soon – Vid

German Stations Picking Up Fukushisma Radiation

Gunderson – Fukushima Mox Explosion, Air/Water Contamination – Vid

Hamaoka: ‘World’s Most Dangerous’ Nuclear Power Plant Is Closed Down’

There MAY Be A Two Year Window IF No More Big Quakes Hit

Japan Lawmaker – ‘Move Parliament To Fukushima’

Bad Water Valve Found In Japan Nuclear Plant – Vid

Japan PM Calls For Nuke Plant To Shut Down – Quake Risk

Wilkerson Prophecy – Quakes In Japan And US

6.1 Quake Off Fukushima Area – No Damage Reports

5.3 Quake Hits Fukushima Area

Belgium Finds Radioactive Cesium On Japan Containers

Leaking Radiation Being Blown Right Back Over Japan

Smoke Rising From Fukushima Reactors 2, 3 & 4 – Vid

Emissions Still Pouring From Wrecked Fukshima Nuclear Plant – Pics

Workers Enter Reactor Bldg #1 To Install Air Ducts – Vid

Japan Govt Urges Onagwa Plant Owners To Protect Public

EPA Will No Longer Monitor Radioactivity From Fukushima!

Seafloor Radiation 1,000x Normal 20km From Fukushima

Cumulative Radiation In Japan Town Passes 20 Milli-Sieverts In 40 Days

Fukushima – What They Aren’t Saying  

No Protection For Fukushima’s ‘Expendable’ Citizens Or Us

Where Is Fukushima Radiation Going, Why Does It Matter – Vid

Obama’s Hollow Victory