Up until today, Mark Dice was going to be the main guest, starting in the second hour of the show. And main guests almost always are on for three hours, except for exceptions like: 5/10/11 ‘Coast’ recap: Steve Pieczenik (the real Jack Ryan of ‘The Patriot Games’) Psy-ops in America — Obama, Osama, 9/11, false flag ops, financial crisis… | Why was the interview only 2 hours?

As soon as I saw this, right now, I yelled: “I knew it!”

* * *

From: Coast to Coast AM

Doomsday Phobias / ‘Big Brother’ (Thu 05-12)

First Half: Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman talks about fear of Friday the 13th, and Doomsday phobias.

2nd Half: Muckraker out to expose the abuses of the New World Order, Mark Dice has made a career out of speaking truth about the powers that be. He’ll discuss the various ways that technology is violating not only our privacy but our civil rights – all using our tax dollars.