Japan Nuclear Disaster

Yoichi Shimatsu
Japan Update 5.16.11
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Real Time World Earthquake Monitor 

Fukushima Live Cam 24/7

Busby – Nuclear Explosions – Fukushima ‘Out Of Control’ – Vid

Molten Core Of Reactor 1 Now OUTSIDE Containment Vessel

Reactor Cores 2 And 3 Probably Complete Meltdowns, Too

BBC – Reactor 1 Meltdown Just 6 Hrs After Quake, Tsunami

Reactor 1 Water Levels Rise Out Of Control – Evacuations Widen

Over-Limit Cesium In Tea Leaves Near Tokyo

Scientists To Study Ocean Current Radiation Across Pacific

TEPCO Admits Complete Meltdown In Reactor 1 – Vid

TIME Finally Takes A Serious Look At The Fukushima Crisis

TEPCO Admits 3 Reactors May Have Melted Down

Radioactivity At Reactor 3 Surges At Water Intakes

Saltwater In Reactor 5 Slowed Hamaoka Shutdown

#3 Temp Soaring – TEPCO Injecting 15 Tons Water/Hr In Last Ditch Try

Forensic Medical Global Analysis Of Fukushima Daiichi Crisis

Fatal Fukushima Damage May Have Been Quake-Caused

Very High Levels Of Plutonium Found 30 MILES From Fukushima

TEPCO – Maybe Years To Remove Fuel Rods From Reactor #1 – Vid

Who Will Take the Radioactive Rods From Fukushima?

Highly Radioactive Soil Found In Parts Of Tokyo

Tepco Finally Admits Reactors 2 & 3 Also Holed At Bottom

Japan Town Saved By Seawall Built By Mocked Mayor

Strong 6.2 Quake Jolts Japan 57 Miles From Fukushima 

Two SIEVERTS PER HOUR Found Inside Reactor 1 Building (death)

TEPCO ‘Trying To Find’ Millions Of Tons Of Deadly Water – Vid

TEPCO Hid Deadly Radiation Levels Before #3 Blast

Third Worker Dies At Fukushima Daiichi Plant

Radiation Now Over 1,000 Millisieverts An Hour Reactor Bldg 1 (death)

Robot Finds High Radiation In #3 Reactor Building

Water Gauges In #2 And #3 Probably Also Reading Wrong

Reactors 1, 2 And 3 Have All Melted Down – Analysts

Gunderson – #1 Is A Disaster, #2 Leaking Profusely, #3 May Explode – Vid

Meltdown Has Caused Multiple Holes In Bottom Of Reactor!

TEPCO Doesn’t Know How Much Water, If Any, #1 Can Hold – Vid

TEPCO – ‘Must Be A Large Leak’ – Greenpeace Warns Of Flooding Blast

Reactor #1 Damage Far Worse Than Expected

TEPCO Blasted For ‘No Plan’ – May Take ‘Years’ To Stop #1 Leak

Is Tokyo Getting Blasted With Fukushima Radiation? – Vid

#1 Reactor IS In Meltdown – Holes In Reactor Bottom – Vid

Confirmed – Radioactive ‘Lava’ Eating Thru Reactor Bottom

TEPCO Admits #1 Meltdown May Be Through Bottom Of Containment

Much Bigger Damage To Reactor #1 Admitted By TEPCO

Severe Breach In Reactor #1 Will Slow TEPCO ‘Optimism’

Underwater Robot Captures Huge Fukushima Damage – Vid