Jeff Rense Japan Nuclear Disaster Headlines


Japan Nuclear Disaster

Yoichi Shimatsu
Japan Update 5.30.11
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Tom Burnett
Fukushina Report
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Real Time World Earthquake Monitor 

Fukushima Live Cam 24/7

TEPCO Live Fukushima Cam – With 30 Sec Delay!

4,000 Millisieverts An Hour Inside #1 Reactor Building

Staggering Reading – #1 Drywell Now Showing 250 SIEVERTS An Hour

‘Another Level 7’ Just In The 100,000 Tons Of Fukushima Water

Shizouka Governor Caves – Order Radiation Tests For Tea

Gunderson – Fukushima Worse Than We Think – Tokyo In Danger

Busby – #3 Explosion Appeared To Be A Nuclear Blast – Vid

Superb Analysis Showing #3 Fuel Pool (?) Exploding – Vid

PA Reactor Scrams For Second Time In 36 Hours

Japan Govt In Slight Radiation ‘Calculation Error’ (like DOUBLE)

100,000 TONS Deadly Radioactive Water May Leak By June 15

EU Official Slams Secrecy Over Fukushima Radiation

Radioactive Water Overflow Would Be Worse Than Airborne

Japan To Expand Already Loose Acceptable Radiation Levels

IAEA – Japan Govt Response To Disaster Is ‘Exemplary’ (NOT)

Tokyo Radiation Levels Revealed In Japan Communist Party Report

Japan – Some Green Tea Banned Over Radiation 

6.3 Quake Hits Near Fukushima

Cesium 137 In DE Drinking Water Over Max Levels

Japan PM Kan Survives No Confidence, Stays On

IAEA Admits – ‘There Is NO Safe Level Of Radiation’

Internal Radiation Exposure In 40% Of Fukushima Refugees

Radioactive Waters Rise In 2, 3 And 4 – Overflow Possible

S&P Chops TEPCO To Junk Status, Shares At Record Low

4.7 Quake Hits Nigata – No Damages Reported

Kaku – We Came Close To Losing Northern Japan – Vid

French Find 60x Annual Limit 40 km From Plant

Two Drugs To Help Expel Plutonium Due In July

500,000 Becquerels Per Kg Found In Some Rainwater Drains

Japanese Retirees Offer Help At Fukushima

Russian Nuclear Expert Blasts TEPCO For Lying

Japan Vastly Underestimate Fukushima Disaster Costs

School Kids Near Fukushima Told ‘Wear Long Sleeve Shirts’

Strontium 90 Found 10 km From Fukushima Plant


Japan Radiation Coming To The USFREE LISTEN MP3
Janet Starr Hull ..File Click Here
US Chart Showing Precipitation
Radiation Types & Amounts
Live National Radiation Network MapWest LA – Santa Monica Live ReadingsRadiation And Jet Stream Forecast Monitoring Sites

Cesium 137 In DE Drinking Water Over Max Levels

Parts Of Melted Cores Have Broken Into Drywell

Understanding Millisieverts & Radiation Effects On Humans

An Assortment Of Typical Annual Millisievert Doses

EPA’s Failed Radiation Detection System

Things  You Can Do To Mitigate Radiation Poisoning

UC Berkeley – NoCal Kale, Strawberries Top Soil Cesium Rises

Pacific Ocean A Radioactive Garbage Dump


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