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2011 JUNE 4 – JUNE 10

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Russia: New ATM machines use biometric 3-D face and voice recognition. They also detect lies and emotional distress – to prevent credit fraud, of course.  DailyMail 2011 Jun 10 (Cached)

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates warns that NATO may fail due to lack of member support for the war in Libya. [The US is staggering under the load of funding wars and is trying to motivate other countries to bankrupt themselves also. The game may be coming to an end.] The Oval 2011 Jun 10 (Cached)

The US war in Libya has gone over budget ($60 million a month) and may be reaching a stalemate as Pentagon’s request for more money is being resisted. US and NATO partners still insist that Gaddafi’s days are numbered. DailyMail 2011 Jun 9 (Cached)

NSA Whistleblower, charged with espionage and facing 35 years in jail for exposing government waste in spending, was given an option to accept a misdemeanor charge. It is believed that the Feds plea bargained because they did not want to reveal information about their surveillance of citizens that likely would have been required otherwise.
2011 Jun 9 (Cached)

Japan: Worse than meltdown, government report says ‘melt-through’ has occurred at Fukushima. High official suggests Japan could become ‘uninhabitable’. NaturalNews 2011 Jun 9 (Cached)

Coca-Cola still imports coca leaves into the US, supposedly to obtain flavoring for its beverage, but one of the byproducts is cocaine! Lots of it. Read this fascinating report for details, including names of the companies that do the processing. Amazing! NaturalNews 2011 Jun 9 (Cached)

China’s central bank warns that US is “playing with fire” by considering defaulting on its debt as a means of pressuring Obama to cut spending. [China holds more than $1 trillion in US Treasury debt, and there is little doubt that it would retaliate for non-payment of interest. That retaliation would accelerate the fall of the Dollar.] Reuters 2011 Jun 8 (Cached)

Obama’s secret war in Yemen is intensifying. Air strikes with drones and fighter planes, although officially banned for the past year, are on the increase. Even Yemen’s president was injured by a bomb. Reuters 2011 Jun 8 (Cached)

California man has his door kicked in by a SWAT team on behalf of the Department of Education. The man says they were looking for his estranged wife to collect overdue student loans, but the DoE denies it. RawStory 2011 Jun 8 (Cached)

India: A famous yoga instructor, who has a TV show with 30 million viewers, began a hunger strike to oppose government corruption and was joined by tens of thousands. When he refused to back down, 600 policemen with tear gas and batons attacked his supporters. He has even more of them now. RadioAustralia 2011 Jun 8 (Cached)

Seattle residents are exposed to 10 radioactive “hot particles” per day from Japan’s nuclear reactor fallout. Washington’s Blog 2011 Jun 8 (Cached)

US Debt now is $61.6 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities to seniors, veterans and retirees That is over $500 thousand per household. [Obviously, that can never be repaid except by making dollars worth pennies through inflation.] USAToday 2011 Jun 7 (Cached)

Kansas producer of elderberry juice is raided by US Marshals on behalf of the FDA for claiming that the juice has health benefits and should be considered as a nutritional supplement. NaturalNews 2011 Jun 7 (Cached)

US: One in four computer hackers is an FBI informant. The FBI and Secret Service have used the threat of prison to create an army of informers and agents. Guardian 2011 Jun 6 (Cached)

US law allows testing of chemicals and biological agents on civilian population. [It doesn’t come right out and say that. Here is how it works: (1) Testing on civilians is prohibited; but of course, there are exceptions. (2) The exceptions are anything the government says is needed to protect the nation from disease, crime, or enemy attack. There is nothing that can’t be justified  for one of those purposes.]
posted 2011 Jun 6 (Cached)

US: Shareholders of Oil & gas companies have voted in surprising numbers to modify ‘fracking’ techniques that pollute the environment. Some companies refused to allow shareholders to present their resolutions. TriplePundit 2011 Jun 6 (Cached)

In 1959, an experimental nuclear reactor in Simi Valley, California, operated by Rocketdyne Corporation suffered the worst nuclear accident in US history. The Atomic Energy Commission lied to the public about the event. Radiation pollution remains to this day. YouTube posted 2011 Jun 6

Florida homeowners forecloses on a branch of Bank of America  after it refused to pay legal fees for wrongly foreclosing upon a homeowner. 2011 Jun 5 (Cached)

Ireland: Leaked records reveal that children put into state care have ended up as household slaves or sex slaves in brothels. Irish Central 2011 Jun 4 (Cached)

Former CFO at Lehman Brothers says that any investigation of Goldman Sachs is unlikely to result in criminal convictions because the company is ‘too big to jail.’ Why? Because that would upset the markets too much. Bloomberg Posted 2011 Jun 4


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

US: The EPA tries to grab control over all water in the US. “Is Your Governor for Sale?” is an excellent overview of the problems and focuses on the only solution: States have the authority to reject these regulations under the Tenth Amendment, and Governors have the final authority.
  2011 Jun 8 (Cached)

VIDEO: Jim Turk explains that gold is money, not an investment. Investments are used to create wealth by producing products or services. Money doesn’t create anything. Its role merely is to maintain purchasing power while waiting to spend it. When people hold national currencies as money and those currencies lose purchasing power, they lose their wealth. When they hold gold as money, they maintain their wealth. GoldMoney 2011 Jun 7

Tom Woods presents a powerful case for the right of states to nullify federal laws that they consider to be unconstitutional. [This may be the only solution to America’s present crisis, so it is essential to be informed on this topic.] YouTube Posted 2011 Jun 4

“Why is Silver so Volatile?” This is a concise analysis that will answer all your questions about why the prices of gold and silver are not in perfect lock step – and what to expect from silver prices in the future. GoldMoney Posted Jun 4 (Cached)

Analyst says Greece should do the ‘right thing’ and default now. He says banks lured the government into loans it could not afford by means of deceptive promises and other predator loan policies. Therefore, the banks committed a crime and should forfeit repayment. [We don’t think the government was all that naive and innocent, but the criminality of the loans is well worth considering.]
2011 June 1 (Cached)

“In the Grip of Mad Scientists” is a review of Monsanto’s history of alliance with the military to carry out secret experiments on US citizens. Monsanto is still working with the military and USDA through its agriculture business. It recently teamed up with Atlas Venture company, which specializes in what it calls “disruptive innovation,” a technique for completely and quickly changing the way things normally are done. FarmWars 2011 Jun 1 (Cached)