It was also very telling to see globalist and secret society member, David Gergen pushing Bachmann.

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From: Infowars

Ron Paul at GOP Debate: Defender of the Constitution

Kurt Nimmo
June 14, 2011

Ron Paul did well during the establishment party debate last night. But you wouldn’t know it if you read The Hill today. The Hill is the establishment newspaper written for and about Congress critters.

The rest of the corporate media also glossed over Paul, as usual. They instead gushed over Republican Michelle Bachmann and declared her the winner of the debate.

“Michele Bachmann did not surprise me with a performance that was skillfully planned, orchestrated and executed. Her ploy of announcing she was running during the debate was masterful. Her comments were tight, on message and effective,” writes Brent Budowsky for The Hill.

House Speaker John Boehner praised Bachmann’s rehearsed performance. If constitutionalists and patriots are thinking about supporting the Congress critter from Minnesota, they need to consider that many establishment Republicans support her.

Bachmann is a diva for the sold-down-the-river Tea Party along with reality TV show queen Sarah Palin. In the months ahead, expect the corporate to push these two as alternatives to the real deal, Ron Paul.

Her campaign is designed to appeal to traditional conservatives and constitutionalists and distract from libertarians like Paul and Gary Johnson. Johnson didn’t make it into the orchestrated debate because….

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