Japan Nuclear Disaster

Tom Burnett
Japan Update 6.13.11
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Yoichi Shimatsu
Japan Update 6.6.11
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Real Time World Earthquake Monitor 

Fukushima Reactor LIVE Cam NEW

Gundersen – NE Nuclear Plant Emergency Now Level 4 – Vid

Live Cam – Giant Cloud Envelopes Entire Fukushima Plant – Vid 

Japan – The Fukushima Situation Now ‘Extremely Severe’

Radioactive Materials In Sewage Sludge Now In 16 Prefectures

TEPCO Reveals Extreme Isotopes Found In Fukushima Soil

WSJ – ‘Excessive’ Strontium In Fukushima Sea, Groundwater

Japan Approves $100b Fukushima Compensation

Radiation 1000x Over Limit 100 km From Wrecked Plant – Vid

Massive Radiation Heading Into Japan’s Groundwater – Vid

Gunderson – Metallic Taste Sign Of Hot Particle Exposure – Vid

Fukushima Dairy Farmer Commits Suicide

TEPCO Finally Releases One Photo Of Inside Charred Building 4

PM Kan’s Mistrust Of TEPCO Shown Correct In NYT Article

240x Over Limit Strontium In Seawater Off Fukushima 

Stunning 251 Sieverts An Hour In Reactor #1 Drywell

New Gamma Photos From Inside Reactor #3

Reactor 4 Fourth Floor Photos Show Massive Damage

14 Anti-Nuclear Demonstrations Held Across Tokyo

48 Leaks In AREVA Water Device – System Now A Clogged

US Marine Scientists To Survey Fukushima Ocean Area

10x Over Limit Cesium 137 In Bulgarian Mushrooms (Chernobyl)

Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Cooling Not Working

SF Bay Area Top Soil Cesium Continues To Rise

Fukushima Workers Exposure Tops 650 Millisieverts

Japan Working To Clean Its Quake/Tsunami Wounds – Photos

Radiation Levels Inside #3 Revealed (No Isotope IDs)

Reactor 3 Bldg Has 6,400 Tons Of Radioactive Water

Vaunted French Areva Water Decon Unit Full Of Leaks

Ex Top Japan Advisor Says Govt Worsened Radiation Exposure

Dosimeters For Children…Or Move Them Away – Japan Dilemma

Young Parents Moving Away As More Radiation Found

Radiation In Reactor #3 (MOX) Too High – All Work Stopped – Vid