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2013 FEBRUARY 9 – 15

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 Meteorite explodes in Russia just before impact, leading many to believe that they were under attack. [More than 500 people were injured. This report includes impressive video clips of the event.] RT 2012 Feb 15
UK National Health Service is threatening a whistleblower and covering up thousands of hospital deaths related to cutting corners to meet government budget targets. [This is the norm under socialized medicine.] 
 2013 Feb 14 (Cached)
California Senator, Barbara Boxer, is pushing a bill for a national carbon tax on energy producers, with 3/5 of the money rebated to citizens. [They had better not spend it too quickly, because the so-called windfall will be taken back from them – plus a lot more – through higher energy costs.] WUWT 2013 Feb 14 (Cached)
 US Senator Elizabeth Warren grills banking regulators and asks them why they have failed to take any bank executives to trial for their crimes – while ordinary citizens get ‘squeezed’ when prosecutors want to make an example of them. [The regulators decline to answer that question.] HuffPost 2013 Feb 15 (Cached)
In his State-of-the-Union address, Obama announced plans to implement gun control, a minimum wage of $9 per hour, executive decrees on carbon emissions, more education spending, and the creation of pre-school child-care program. [He promised that none of these programs would cost taxpayers anything.]
New American 2013 Feb 13 (Cached)
Olive oil, when eaten with a Mediterranean style diet, can slash the risk of heart disease by 44%. NaturalSociety 2013 Feb 13 (Cached)
Russia, the largest oil producer, and China, the world’s largest oil importer, are hoarding gold, and there is evidence they intend to trade oil for gold in the future, instead of US currency.[The Federal Reserve’s out-of-control money printing has made the dollar unstable, and it is no longer useful for pegging the international price of oil. But the biggest impact of this change will be a dramatic rise in demand for – and, thus, the price – of gold.] Economic Collapse 2013 Feb 12 (Cached)
More Americans now are on food stamps than the entire population of Spain. [It is a deadly cycle: Welfare recipients are a measure of America’s economic weakness and, at the same time, a cause of it. Unless there is a fundamental change in public awareness and national policy, this trend will not stop until everyone is on welfare and the economy is totally dead.] 
 News 2013 Feb 11 (Cached)
 North Korea has completed its 3rd nuclear test. [This is perceived as a warning against the US and South Korea which have been conducting war games that are designed to intimidate North Korea. Although no one expects an all-out nuclear war, still, these tests have demonstrated that North Korea has the ability to defend itself in a meaningful manner.] RT 2013 Feb 11
The US government recovered $4.2 billion in fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid payments last year. [Undetected fraud is estimated at $20 billion.] Courier-Journal 2013 Feb 11 (Cached)
US Senator Jeff Sessions called for the resignation of John Morton, Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, because he has failed to enforce the nation’s immigration laws and has prevented the arrest of illegal aliens. CNS News 2013 Feb 13 (Cached)
 Washington State: Lewis County Sheriff Steve Mansfield says that a local resident who shot an intruder inside of his home was a textbook example of what homeowners should do under those circumstances. [He says that law enforcement is not always able to protect people against violent criminals, so everyone should be able to protect themselves, if necessary. Amen.]Fox13 2013 Feb 11

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 Apple has refused to allow a phone application (app) that tracks US drone strikes.[The reason given is that the content is objectionable. The content, however, is merely a compilation of mainstream news reports. We think Apple is responding to pressure from the government which wants to minimize public focus on drone strikes.] MSNBC 2013 Feb 9
US: More than 1000 Green Berets signed a letter opposing gun control, explaining why it doesn’t work, and supporting the Second Amendment. InfoWars Posted 2013 Feb 9 (Cached)
Microsoft strongly criticized Google for scanning emails of its account holders to target them for commercial purposes. [Microsoft’s privacy policy for users of Outlook allows the same activity.] DailyMail Posted 2013 Feb 9 (Cached)
China accounts for nearly half of the world’s new money supply, making even the US seem fiscally conservative by comparison. [China does not publish money-supply data, but an approximation can be made by measuring bank deposits. Those numbers reveal massive injections of newly created money, which means hyperinflation ahead.] ZeroHedge Posted 2013 Feb 9 (Cached)
 Cardiologist uses smart-phones as diagnostic and monitoring tools that can replace cumbersome and expensive medical testing devices. [This could cut massive amounts of waste from the medical industry and deliver better health care.] NBC News Posted 2013 Feb 9
Columbia-Julliard student was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital and drugged for 30 days after cursing at his professor who he felt gave him an unfairly low grade on an exam. Columbia Spectator Posted 2013 Feb 9 (Cached)
 Watch the largest movement of glacial ice ever recorded. Nature is awesome. 
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Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.
 A Canadian newscaster warns Americans that gun registration inevitably leads to gun confiscation. [He reviews how this played out in Canada. Today, Canadians who do not surrender their registered guns are being prosecuted.]
Sun News 2013 Feb 14 (Cached)

Eric Blair explains how Obama’s proposal to increase the minimum wage to $9 an hour would harm many low-wage workers. [They would become too expensive to keep on the payroll and be laid off, thus, swelling further the ranks of the unemployed.] Activist Post 2013 Feb 14 (Cached)
 “Geoengineering, the Real Climate Threat”, is an excellent analysis by James Corbett.[Corbett shows that (1) the claim that manmade CO2 is a threat to the planet is a politically motivated hoax, (2) the same group that had perpetuated that hoax is involved with geoengineering (changing the climate through chemical and electrical technology), and (3) their geoengineering schemes to combat the mythological CO2 threat is creating the very doomsday scenario that they claim to be trying to avoid.]
Global Research TV 2013 Feb 13

 Judge Napolitano explains that Houston’s proposed ordinance to fingerprint and photograph people who sell gold is a government scheme to prevent people from escaping taxes. [Another reason is that possession of gold also allows people to protect themselves from inflation and maintain a degree of independence of government.] Fox Insider 2013 Feb 12
 “No Boundaries in Science?” is the Discovery Channel documentary on human cloning. [You may be surprised to learn that cloned human embryos already have been created. The final step, which is to implant an embryo in a human uterus, appears to be close at hand. The biological risks and ethical issues are enormous.]
Discover Science Posted 2013 Feb 11

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