[ video ] Mark Dice: The Secret of the Jodi Arias Murder Case You Won’t Hear on TV

Except for Mark’s put-down name calling, this is a good reality check for those who enjoyed watching!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in the Babylonian American empire!

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[youtube=http://youtu.be/fuTfsrE1_JE]The Secret of the Jodi Arias Murder Case You Won’t Hear on TV

Mark Dice Mark Dice

Published on May 9, 2013

The Secret of the Jody Arias Murder Case You Won’t Hear on TV.
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3 thoughts on “[ video ] Mark Dice: The Secret of the Jodi Arias Murder Case You Won’t Hear on TV

  1. I never liked Mark Dice. I find it ironic that even though he bashes those who have watched this trial, he obviously feels the need to comment on the trial himself so that he can get a little play from this media sensation. Good job, Mark. People have been captivated by dark murder sagas for all of humanity. That’s always going to be the case.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s the blonde Jodi Arias photos that have drawn people in, but the gruesome autopsy photos that reveal what seemingly normal human beings are capable of. My theory is that many of the people drawn in by the trial have had someone in their lives, at some point, whose reflection they see in Jodi. Since many people were watching the trial outside of MSM, since the actual trial was live broadcast, this is far more than a mainstream media debacle. The MSM picked it up because people were already enthralled with the story, not the other way around. You know this because you see them trying to hook trial-followers on upcoming trials, but its obvious that many viewers were paying attention this this trial only, and the crowd will dwindle after sentencing.

  2. Anonymous

    Jodi Arias is being used to lay case law for guillotines, coffins etc, by Illuminati. Travis Alexander’s lap top was being used to traffick guns and ammunition to Islamic Extremists abroad. Jodi Arias is not the demon. Mark Dice is missing the big Agenda 21 picture.

    1. If this has something to do with changing the law on guillotines, then perhaps Mark is missing something significant.

      But perhaps you’re missing Mark’s main point. He’s trying to show how and why America’s getting jacked — so some will recognize their dumbed down mentality and wake up.

      The people like this real life soap opera thing, and the globalists are happy to waste the people’s time and energy, giving them full coverage of this event, instead of reporting on what really matters. I found the whole display somewhat disheartening, “here we go again,” and didn’t follow it at all.

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