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2013 MAY 18 – 24

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Obama has asked the Department of Justice to investigate evidence of abuse of power by Attorney General Eric Holder when he singled out journalists for surveillance because they were reporting on his unlawful acts. [In other words, Holder will investigate himself. That should work.] Fox News 2013 May 24 (Cached)

US: The Senate voted overwhelmingly (71 to 27) to defeat an amendment in the Farm Bill that would assert the right of the states to require the labeling of GMO foods. [States that want to do this have been intimidated by threats of lawsuits from Monsanto. Now they also are intimidated by the federal government.]NaturalSociety 2013 May 24 (Cached)

US: Yielding to public indignation over drone strikes and kill lists, Obama outlined new rules that, he says, will limit their use in the future.[Skeptics, cynics, and realists do not believe him.]Reuters 2013 May 23 (Cached)

Portland, Oregon voters overwhelmingly defeated a measure to add fluoride to the water supply. NaturalNews 2013 May 23 (Cached)

 The Obama administration has admitted that US drone strikes overseas have killed four American citizens. Three of them were non-targeted. [That suggests that only 25% of the thousands of people killed by drones in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia were targeted and 75% were ‘collateral damage.’] AlJazeera 2013 May 22

Florida: The FBI shot a Chechen man that they linked to the Boston bombing suspects. [He was not suspected of having any connection to the bombing but was being interrogated at his home about a triple homicide in 2011. The FBI said that he agreed to sign a confession and then attacked them (five of them) with a knife, whereupon they killed him.] RT 2013 May 22 (Cached)

 Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio rips into former IRS chief, Doug Shulman, about the outright lie he told during his testimony last year. [Shulman gave his assurances then that conservative groups were not being singled out for scrutiny.]    C-Span 2013 May 22

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Doctor warns that most feminine-hygiene products contain toxic ingredients that are readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Mercola2013 May 22 (Cached)

Insects are gradually adapting to genetically engineered corn that, originally, was insect resistant. [Sales of old-fashioned chemical pesticides are on the rise. Farmers were fooled into becoming dependent on patented seeds that, in the long run, produce inferior crops, and natural pests are still a problem.] Newser 2013 May 22 (Cached)

 London: British soldier was hacked to death in the street near a military compound by two Islamic men. [The killers waited for police to arrive, shouted anti-government sentiments, and told onlookers they will never be safe. Police eventually captured the men after shooting and wounding them. Officials tentatively are calling this a terrorist incident.] BBC 2013 May 22

China destroyed three shipments of GMO corn from the US because they lacked safety certificates issued by the Chinese government.[This article suggests that this may signal a reversal in China’s policies regarding genetically engineered food. We are a bit more skeptical because the Chinese government remains in favor of GMO food grown within China. This action may better be described as a blow against GMO imports that compete with GMO domestic crops. Time will tell.] GM Watch 2013 May 22 (Cached)

Over 26,000 rapes and sexual assaults were reported in the US military last year. [Congress will consider legislation to strip commanding officers of the power to overturn convictions. The bill also would require dishonorable discharge of convicted offenders.] CBS News 2013 May 22

 Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant says that anti-GMO activists are not playing fair by rallying support on Facebook and other social media sites[This report reviews the reasons that activists think it is Monsanto that is not playing fair.] InfoWars 2013 May 21

US: Investigative journalists, using a simple Google search, discovered a security flaw in a government-benefit program that gave them access to sensitive information in the records of 170,000 people in the program. [Instead of being thanked, attorneys for the company responsible for the data claim that the journalists violated the law and are threatening to press charges.] RT 2013 May 21 (Cached)

 Apple paid zero taxes on $74 billion in earnings. [This is legal because the company operates out of two countries with different tax rules. Congress creates loopholes like this to extract campaign donations from the favored companies.] Yahoo 2013 May 21

 Israel and the Syrian Army exchanged gunfire at the Golan Heights border as the war spills over into new territory. [Israel says its goal is to prevent arms shipments to Hezbollah in Lebanon.] BBC 2013 May 21

Study shows that vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid prevent brain shrinkage in many victims of Alzheimers. [These treatments cost pennies a day. Drug companies have failed to create effective treatments despite spending billions on research.] SF Gate 2013 May 20 (Cached)

 US: The Department of Justice strikes again![This time, it targeted Fox News reporter, James Rosen, by tracking his whereabouts and eavesdropping on his communications. The DOJ obtained a warrant to do this by telling the judge that Rosen was a potential criminal. Two other Fox staff members were targeted because of their reporting on the DOJ ‘Fast & Furious’ gun-walking scandal.] Fox News 2013 May 20

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Turkey: Demonstrators are angry because Prime Minister Erdongan has aligned with Syrian rebels. [They believe that drawing Turkey into the Syrian war makes it a target for terrorist attacks.] RT 2013 May 19 (Cached)

 Russia has sent cruise missiles and warships to Syria in a display of military support for the government. [This is intended as a warning to the US and Israel to avoid offensive attacks against Syria.] MSNBC 2013 May 18

The mayor of Brady, Texas, was recalled and two city-council members were voted out of office after activists, angered by the council’s vote to adopt smart meters, campaigned against them. [Voters also passed a referendum affirming the rights of residents to refuse smart meters on their property. Residents in 23 other counties are showing interest in replicating the success in Brady.] NY Times 2013 May 18 (Cached)

 55 Sheriffs have filed a lawsuit against the State of Colorado for its new gun-control laws.[They are doing this because the laws violate the Constitution and inhibit public safety by preventing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.] OathKeepers Posted 2013 May 18

The IRS watches everything Americans do online. [It is looking for information to match with tax returns.] MoneyNews Posted 2013 May 18 (Cached)

A Pentagon official says that the War on Terrorism will last another 20 years and that the military has legal authority to carry that war to any spot in the world without approval by Congress. [This testimony before a Congressional committee reveals how they rationalize this violation of the US Constitution.]Democracy Now Posted 2013 May 18 (Cached)

European investigators raided the offices of BP Oil and Shell to obtain evidence of illegal price rigging. [Critics compare energy price rigging to the LIBOR fraud, because benchmarks are set by input from insiders instead of supply and demand in a free market.] Telegraph Posted 2013 May 18 (Cached)

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Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

US: The Common Core Standards program for education, heavily funded by Bill Gates, now is being promoted in every state. [It would radically alter content and delivery (via computer), track children’s personal information, and dumb-down the next generation. Here is an excellent summary of the program.] Education Views 2013 May 23 (Cached)

Precious-metals expert, James Turk, reports that large gold purchases in London usually are delivered in two days but now are delayed for five days. [This is because the physical inventory of gold is running low in the face of rising demand. Hedge funds are betting that this will not continue but, in Turk’s opinion, they soon will be destroyed because of it.] King World 2013 May 23 (Cached)

 Tyranny in the modern world manifests itself as collectivism and hides behind the claim that it promotes the greater good of the greater number. [That is why some banks are said to be too big to fail, and their executives are too big to jail. To do so, we are told, would threaten the economy – which is another way of saying it would threaten the greater good of the greater number. This results in a double standard in the justice system – one for tyrants and another for the public. That’s the message of this excellent report by James Corbett.] Corbett Report 2013 May 21

 John Stossel investigates how the over-regulation of business causes unemployment and economic stagnation. [In the US, the federal government has over 170,000 regulations. Regulators are never content with current standards. They constantly make more regulations, because that enhances their jobs and their pay grade.] Fox 2013 May 20

Is there global cooling? The evidence says Yes. IsThereGlobalCooling.com Geoffrey Pohanka, Posted 2013 May 18 (Cached)

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has been demonized by politicians and grant-hungry scientists to justify restrictive regulations and higher taxes.[Current levels of CO2 are approaching 400 ppm. CO2 is beneficial to plants, which is why it is piped into greenhouses at 1000 ppm. Low CO2 levels cause crops to require more water.] WSJPosted 2013 May 18 (Cached)

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