(video) Alex Jones: Abortion Activists Turn to Satan to Stop Pro-Lifers — Chanting “Hail Satan! Hail Satan!” over and over…

Flicks tongue out at minute-6:15[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDtCaKdb9II]Abortion Activist Turn to Satan to Stop Pro-Lifers

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Published on Jul 9, 2013

A truly bizarre, almost “creepy” video has just surfaced, revealing pro-abortion activists chanting “Hail Satan” in unison at the Texas State Capitol building. As you can hear for yourself in the video below, people in the background begin chanting, “Hail Satan!” during the speech of a woman who opposes late-term abortions. It appears at 5:12 in the video and continues for many seconds.

The woman giving the speech is saying, “We have doctors down in Houston who are butchering women, butchering children…” and the pro-abortion people raise their voices, singing and chanting, “Hail Satan! Hail Satan!” over and over again.


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4 thoughts on “(video) Alex Jones: Abortion Activists Turn to Satan to Stop Pro-Lifers — Chanting “Hail Satan! Hail Satan!” over and over…

  1. Surely you realize that these people are not ACTUALLY worshipping satan? They are doing this because they want to annoy their opponents, whom they see as religious fanatics.

    And sometimes, they are correct.

    Satan is just a freakin word. “By their fruits, ye shall know them.”

    1. My guess is they’re doing this out loud to invoke Satan’s power to a stronger degree so they can shut down the pro-lifers’ annoying truth about life. They’re trying to overpower the Christians with a lesser power.

      This is a good wake up call for Christians to fully abide in Christ so we will be empowered by the Holy Spirit when Satanists put their voodoo on us. Evil is getting stronger every day, because the church is mostly not abiding in the Vine so fruit will remain.

      We need to be right with everyone, not willfully sinning, and prayed up — together, operating in love — fearless.


      1. When Bush mentioned Jesus again and again and AGAIN, was he invoking Jesus’s power? If Bush’s term in office is the result of Jesus’s power, then I think we can do without it.

        I’m not being facetious and I’m not anti-Christian, I’m showing how it is a bit simple-minded to believe in this day and age that anyone who says the name “Satan” is somehow LITERALLY worshipping or talking to Satan, just how it is equally simple-minded to believe that anyone who invokes the name of Jesus or God is HONESTLY worshipping Jesus or God.

        In this day and age of absolute materialism **very few** people actually believe in a literal spiritual world, they are just paying lip service. So it is very logical to conclude that they are just saying these names because they have a desired effect.

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