WH took 6 days to report Marvin Bush’s maid crushed to death in driveway

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WH took 6 days to report Marvin Bush’s maid crushed to death in driveway

Anyone remember this story?

Bertha Champagne, a 62-year-old woman who worked as a maid/babysitter for W’s brother Marvin Bush, was found mysteriously dead in Marvin’s driveway. She had been crushed against a wall by her own vehicle. The story was that somehow the brakes became disengaged, crushing her against the wall.

Marvin, you may recall, had been appointed head of security at the World Trade Center towers in NYC just before 9/11.

The story wasn’t reported in the media for six whole days. Then, only one story was published (in the Washington Post).

Here’s a google search that will bring up references to this nearly unknown story:


This is interesting because it’s another example of the White House sitting on this kind of incident and not informing the public. Only in this case, they sat on it for six days — and the victim died.

Remember that the White House didn’t actually release a statement on the Cheney shooting — they were forced to after a local reporter in Corpus Christi (Jaime Powell) got a tip from the owner of the ranch (Katharine Armstrong) where the shooting occurred.

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The Strange Deaths of Bertha Champagne and (now) Nancy Hamilton (from Wayne Madsen Reports)

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