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It has already started. The mainstream media loses no opportunity to denigrate 9/11 truthers, and that includes the nominally conservative Fox News Network owned by globalist Rupert Murdoch. His headliner talking heads like Bill O’Reilley and Shawn Hannity are particularly virulent in their attacks on anyone who believes our government was involved in the World Trade Center attacks.

They aren’t open to any of the hard evidence and that kind of extreme bias is an indication of a compromised individual fronting for conservatism, while secretly allied with another cause that can’t bear to allow people even the least view into conspiracies which now control much of what is left in American government.

In contrast to these whitewashers, I’ll take this opportunity to review with readers the best evidence that the 9/11 attacks were a government black operation from beginning to end.

1) Our government, particularly the dark side of the CIA, had extensive prior relationships with the alleged hijackers, some of whom are still alive but whose names were presented to the public and never withdrawn. It’s doubtful these names were the real hijackers anyway.

2) The government was purposely running a hijacking training scenario with real aircraft diving on the White House on 9/11 in order to have a ready excuse to stand down fighter response to the real attacks.

3) The government knowingly ordered a stand down for fighter aircraft at several airbases in order to not intercept any of the hijack jets and other fighters that did launch were diverted and otherwise delayed from the intercept. Normal interception procedures by NORAD were also stopped and officers were threatened to not tell about the stand down orders.

4) At least two of the hijacked aircraft according to radar tracking records made a rendezvous with another aircraft and switched places before turning back east and south to their targets. While it is not uncommon for aircraft to converge at different altitudes on radar tracks, you never see both aircraft execute a complete turn after rendezvous as each of these did—indicating the switch in aircraft. That is why two of the hijacked and destroyed aircraft serial numbers were still flying in the system a couple of years after 9/11.

5) Further evidence of the switch in the air was the last airliner to hit the World Trade Center (South Tower), which showed a large bulging modification on its belly. No airline pilot (who has to do a walk-around inspection of his aircraft prior to flight) would have accepted an aircraft with such a huge modification. I called Boeing and their spokesman admitted seeing the large bulge on video but responded, “We didn’t do the modification.” I reminded them that no such structure mod could have been done legally without their signing off on it, and she merely repeated, “We didn’t do it.” One thing for sure, only government could have done this mod—not terrorists.

6) There were explosions in the basement of the World Trade Center prior to any aircraft hitting it. When fire fighters entered accompanied with videographers, the windows were blown out of the lobby. The government says the explosion was fuel coming down the central core and exploding, but that is contradicted by the janitor’s statement on timing and the lack of any black smoke residue in the air, hanging around the ceiling. This is evidence for pre-planted Thermite/mate explosives that were used to weaken the huge central core pillars prior to the other charges going off.

7) New Yorker commuters from Long Island observed that both Twin Towers were completely dark and shut down the weekend prior to the attack—only time this has ever happened since opening. In the prior weeks, tenants heard heavy construction noises in unoccupied floors especially in the days prior to the attack (jack hammering, metal cutting) not related to fitting out for occupancy. That’s when it is believed the explosive charges were being set. Terrorists could not have had this kind of control nor access to the building.

8) Thermate explosive residue was found in the rubble of both Twin Tower buildings indicating large quantities of metal-melting explosives were used. The towers fell at near free fall speeds, which is impossible if, according to the government, the upper section/falling debris is having to impact and destroy each successive floor during the collapse scenario. Also, when the South Tower falls, the top section is being resisted by the lower section, so it begins to tilt to one side. When it reaches about 20 degrees, it stops tilting and begins to come down at free fall speed—proof that the base remnant of the building is no longer providing any resistance and is being systematically removed by explosive charges. See the site for the most credible evidence by engineers on why the government story doesn’t explain the collapse.

9) Dozens of people fleeing the damaged buildings testified to hearing and feeling multiple explosions going off in the building before the collapse began.

10) The government refused to allow any forensic examination of the rubble by accident investigators, and made sure all the steel remnants were removed without examination. In addition, no one was allowed to examine or analyze the huge pool of molten metal found at the bottom of the rubble which burned for over a week. Aircraft fuel NEVER burns hot enough to melt steel. This was residue from the Thermite steel-melting explosives used to melt the major core columns that had to be undermined in order to collapse the building.

11) Building 7 was only slightly damaged on one side by the fall of the Twin Towers, and yet it was filmed collapsing uniformly as only a precision demolition set of charges can do. There were witnesses to internal high explosives going off in the building, and witnesses to a call from higher authority for all people to leave the building because it was being “pulled.” —meaning demolished by explosives. These charges have to be rigged well in advance. Terrorists cannot do this.

12a) The government obstructed the investigation at every turn and still refuses to release much of the video evidence. It confiscated all camera footage from buildings surrounding the Pentagon within minutes of the crash. How did they know where to go so soon after the incident? The reason for hiding the video evidence was that there were two aircraft involved, not one. Some witnesses saw a small commuter sized plane and others saw the larger 757. The one video from the Pentagon parking lot was altered and edited, but it does show only the smaller aircraft with two items that contradict the official story: 1) The small non-airline sized aircraft emits a missile trail that goes ahead of the aircraft before hitting the Pentagon. 2) The explosion signature is first bright white before it turns dark black (fuel). The white is only created by high explosives. This is the evidence for a missile attack on the wall prior to the airliner crash into the same place, and explains why some witness smelled cordite—a high explosive.

12b) Another key witness saw the 757 hit the wall of the Pentagon but his testimony is unique in that he saw that it did NOT penetrate the wall. “The wall held up like a champ” he said, but then he saw the plane blown to bits a fraction of a second later. This alone explains why lots of confetti sized pieces were all that was left of the plane, leading others to the erroneous conclusion that no plane hit the Pentagon. This combination of the missile and the plane not penetrating very far is also the only explanation for why only a few parts of the plane were inside the Pentagon, and why a major portion of the fiberglass radome was found intact inside. Had the wall not already had a hole in it from the missile, the radome would have impacted the highly reinforced wall and been totally shattered. There is no way that radome could have smashed the wall and have been found half way intact inside the Pentagon.

13) The Pennsylvania hijacked plane is also full of contradictions and a false official narrative about heroes talking on a cell phone at high altitude for nearly half an hour—impossible. Sorry, folks but that “Let’s Roll” call was faked, even though the hijack was real. Why didn’t the government ever comment on the real communications the FAA and other airlines had with Flight 93? One airline captain who have a visual on the flight and who was talking to Cleveland Center said he saw an explosion at the aircraft, either from a bomb on the aircraft or a missile being shot from one of the two F-16s which were vectored by a NH air traffic controller. That alone explains why baggage was found miles away from the crash site. Local residents believe the plane was shot down after finding that parts of the plane and its contents were strewn over a very large area. Then there is the official crash site, which showed hardly any wreckage.

14) The government refuses to release the airport photos of the hijackers in line boarding the planes, so we only have the government’s word as to their real identity. It is highly unlikely that the real hijackers would have used their own identities nor that they would have driven to the airport and left all that incriminating evidence in a van. Normal terror procedure would surely involve fake IDs and a taxi to the site of the crime to leave no trace. Lastly, as a trained military pilot, I can tell you that no one can fly, navigate hundreds of miles or maneuver one of these larger airliners after a few failed lessons in a Cessna. The flight school gambit smells of a diversion to keep the public from knowing that the real hijackers, whoever they were, were trained on full sized airliners, probably by the CIA in collusion with an Arab ally like Saudi Arabia—the universal accomplice of so many CIA black operations of terror.

Then there is the long history of cover-up by the 9/11 commission, which I don’t have the space to detail here. What’s the motive to cover up so much information if the perpetrators were terrorists with no connection to our government? Who are they protecting?


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