Republican House Speaker John Boehner Alleged Sex Scandal

Dr. Stan mentioned this in his interview with Joel Skousen, yesterday, who again stated that about 3/4 of congress are compromised.

This is probably just a drop in the bucket.

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From: National Enquirer


Published on: February 2, 2011

New Speaker of the House JOHN BOEHNER is embroiled in a bombshell sex scandal – involving at least two different women, The ENQUIRER has learned!

Capitol Hill insiders and political bloggers have been buzzing about an upcoming New York Timesprobe – detailing an alleged affair that the 61-year-old married father of two had with pretty Washington lobbyist LISBETH LYONS.

And an ENQUIRER investigation has uncovered a bedroom encounter that Boehner – second in line of succession to the presidency – allegedly had with LEIGH LaMORA, a 46-year-old former press secretary to ex-Colorado Congressman JOEL HEFLEY.

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Joel Skousen: 75% in Congress are Blackmailable, while only about a dozen Congressmen are both clean and willing to fight the system

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