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(video) Feminism Designed To Break The Family Up — Super Bowl commercials used to push feminist agenda

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[youtube=]Feminism Is Designed To Break The Family Up

THElNFOWARRlOR | Published on Feb 2, 2015

Alex Jones breaks down how the Super Bowl commercials are being used to push the feminist agenda.…

More on Katey Perry’s feminist domination, Illuminati Super Bowl performance here,
at MINUTE-10:


(video) Katy Perry Super Bowl Illuminati Bisexual Halftime Show Review

(video) Katy Perry, the Super Bowl and Satan — Under her bright persona lies great darkness!

Sarah Silverman’s “Sorry, it’s a boy” Super Bowl ad: “Liberal feminism has become the exact same thing that they accuse men of — being dismissive and derogatory toward the opposite sex”

How The Rockefellers Re-Engineered Women — The hidden goal of feminism is to destroy the family, which interferes with state brainwashing of the young
(video) Feminism Was Created To Destabilize Society, Tax Women and Set Up the NWO – Aaron Russo
Scientists: WOMEN better at MULTI-TASKING, MEN better at CONCENTRATING on SINGLE COMPLEX TASKS; Women have better connections between the LEFT & RIGHT sides of the brain • Men have better connections between the FRONT & BACK — ‘COMPLEMENTARY’ PROVEN!
Study: The hardwired ‘stark’ difference between male and female brains explains why women rely more on intuition — “It’s quite striking how COMPLEMENTARY the brains of women and men really are.” | God knew what He was doing : )
Satanists used “sexual liberation,” to undermine humanity: “we corrupt in order to conquer” — For a woman, sex is an act of self-sacrifice and surrender. By definition, it requires trust, i.e. love and devotion to one man. When she has casual sex, inevitably she is disappointed and feels used. She starts to hate men and falls victim to feminism and lesbianism
Adrian Rogers on MEN and WOMEN: Celebrate the Difference — “God made us different that He might make us ONE.” It’s time to stop trying to be the be the same or resenting each other because of our differences
(video) David Pawson: “Leadership is Male” (in the home and in the church) — “The demand for IDENTITY between the sexes has caused so many problems. …  I’ve found that every woman, deep down in their heart, want to see their men-folk taking responsible leadership”

All of my The Purpose of Feminism posts at ToBeFree (Latest appear first, 10 posts per page)

Katy Perry Says She Sold Her Soul to the Devil — “I wanted to be like the Amy Grant of music, but it didn’t work out, so I sold my soul to the Devil”
Katy Perry: “I’M NOT CHRISTIAN” — Pop Star Rejects Her Childhood Faith
(video) Katy Perry “Dark Horse” Illuminati Themed Music Video Secrets Revealed
Nicole Scherzinger: You Have to Sell Your Soul to the Devil

(video) Kesha: The Satanic Cult Leader – “I’ll keep dancing with the Devil — Perversion & partying till the end of the world

[ video ] Mark Dice: Kesha Admits She’s a Satanist — “I sold my soul, it’s a dead-end road / But there ain’t no turning back / I keep on dancing with the Devil / Hey-heey-hey”
Kanye West: “I Sold my Soul to the Devil”
[ video ] Roger Morneau’s SECRET SOCIETY occult experience: How the SPIRITS SEDUCE AND EMPOWER the ‘elite’ to control society and make big MONEY — SUPERNATURAL GAMBLING* insight — MUSICIANS are spirit energized — TEACHERS OF EVOLUTION receive great capacity and power to induce spiritual blindness so students reject the Creator
(video) They Sold Their Souls: AC/DC — “Hey Satan, paid my dues…. I’m on a highway to hell.” Yeah!
[4-hour video exposé] Joe Schimmel: They Sold Their Souls to Rock ‘n Roll! — Actual quotes from musicians we know…
Michael Jackson Exposed: They Sold Their Souls For Rock & Roll
(audio) Diane Dimond: Inside the Michael Jackson Case — Be Careful Who You Love (3-14-14)
If you sold you soul . . . unsell it! (From my spiritual site ONEcanhappen)
[Lust “the poison that kills the soul” FREEDOM] My experience: How DEMONS DRIVE heterosexual and homosexual lust in ‘Christians’ — The bad news is that demons drive lust. The good news is that demons drive lust, because freedom lies straight ahead!


(video) Katy Perry Super Bowl Illuminati Bisexual Halftime Show Review


(video) Super Bowl Event is Mass Mind Control — "Men won't go and fight at the PTA to stop all the brainwashing, and anti-family…garbage going on. But they'll go down to the bar and get into a fight with someone that talks bad about their team. … They're misdirecting our impulses"


  1. RuthieTruthie

    Only an insecure man feels threatened by a capable woman.

    • That may be true, but the purpose of feminism is to make men insecure, and to make women something they are not — making many of them insecure and unhappy too; though, few of the feminists will admit it. They like to be worshiped, when only God is supposed to be worshiped — not His creation.
      God designed men and women vastly different, to complement one another, which has now been proven by studies, see my links above. Though, most don’t know of these studies, because the myth that women can do anything that men can do (and even better!) is essential for feminism to prevail.
      The globalists are convincing women that they don’t need men, who are really “idiots” when compared to the “superior sex”, women. Those with the corruptive $dough have been pushing this hard through their ownership of the entertainment industry and the media.
      It’s a psyop designed to ruin families and countries, so Satan’s one-world government will succeed — which is probably not far away now.

      • RuthieTruthie

        Jeff Fenske, where did you get such a skewed perspective of feminism? Been listening to Rush Limbaugh? You wrote “the purpose of feminism is to make men feel insure and to make women something they are not” and everything else you wrote has missed the whole point of feminism. All the religions say women should be subservient/lessthan to men. But that Does Not make it true!!! Women want to be worshiped? You must be hanging out with the wrong women. What feminist want (and that includes male feminist also) is to be valved in equal worth and equal pay for equal work. Is that what makes a ‘man’ feel insure? If men valved woman as equal, they wouldn’t be drugging their dates to rape them, dragging them through dorm hallways, raping them with their hands and bottles, laughing and sending videos of it to out of town friends. Are you one of those who say the women deserves it? The Rockefeller’s of the NWO encouraged feminism (women working outside the home) because they could now tax the other half of the population and it weakens the family unit making the children rely more on the teaching of State rather than the parents. Men and woman are capable of doing and do the same work very well but not all women and all men do everything. So much of how/what we do is determined by the level of different hormones when we were in our mothers womb. I grew up learning to do ‘whatever’ had to be done, as per my mother’s and father’s example, regardless if it was ‘viewed’ as woman’s work or man’s work it. You say “have been proven by studies” means absolutely nothing. More important than the studies themselves is ‘who did the studies, who payed for the studies and what’s they bias!’ And as far as God and his creation goes, I stand with Albert Einstein and Mother Teresa in their belief “that there is too much suffering, injustice and evil in this world for there to be a personal God. The bible says “God created man in his own image”, well, that explains why this world and humans are so ‘f****ed up, doesn’t it? If I had the power they say your God has, I’d damn sure would have created something a whole hell of a lot better, but then…….I’m just a girl.

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