(video) Children Describe Satanic Pedophile Ring in Hampstead England — Priests, Teachers, Police & Social Workers Complicit

WARNING: Graphic stories told by abused children

Hasn’t been proven authentic, but almost certainly is.

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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSjH89o8Ie8]SATANIC PEADOPHILE RING EXPOSED ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Published on Feb 14, 2015


Supporters of the Draper Children Alisa & Gabriel

c/o Belinda McKenzie


London N6

Monday 16 February 2015

Members of Parliament, Lords, Baronesses, Leaders

C/o Lynne Featherstone MP featherstonel@parliament.uk

C/o Glenda Jackson MP jacksong@parliament.uk

Houses of Parliament

London W1A 1AA

Dear MP


Satanic Ritual Abuse & crimes against children in Hampstead in non-investigation by police & other agencies

As you may be aware, your constituents having already brought this to your attention, there have been reports that paedophile satanic ritual abuse including the killing and cannibalism of babies has been taking place on a regular basis in a Hampstead primary school and the associated church, with members of several other local schools, police, social workers and agencies tasked with safeguarding children allegedly involved in abusing children.

This has come to light due to two children previously at the school having spoken to their mother of their experiences, who happen to be the children of the leader of the cult involved in these activities based on the main school and the church. They allege that a selection of children at the school are being regularly sexually abused and/or forced to participate in grotesque satanic rituals. On one particular day, Wednesday, “they do lots of sex to us” with people coming from other schools, etc, to participate.

When the local authority in which the children are residing, London Borough of Barnet found out about this situation in September 2014 their response was to take the two whistle-blower children into care and initiate family court proceedings, to discredit, it would seem, the children’s account of their experiences.

The case started in Barnet County Court but has been elevated to the Family Division of the High Court where there have already been three preparatory hearings. This week, a fact-finding hearing of the case will open under The Hon. Mrs Justice Pauffley. In the meantime several videos of the children taken last summer detailing their experiences in a very graphic and articulate way have leaked onto the internet, arousing widespread and deep public concern.

It is felt by large numbers of people who have viewed these very convincing videos of the children talking, that this case should not be in the family division at all but should be subject of a criminal investigation.


There is obviously an opportunity here for those in the society who do not condone or support in any shape or form the sexual abuse of very young children, still less their instruction in the murder and cannibalism of babies to take a very strong stance. With an election coming up, MPs standing or re-standing for election should make their personal views on this issue known and/or at least lend their support to a proper investigation of this particular case, in the wake of many other instances of child sexual abuse, some involving prominent members of society having come to light since the 2010 election. The public are clearly not going to allow this deeply shameful issue to be once again swept under the carpet so please make it very clear where you yourself stand.

Please register your revulsion in this situation and your demand that there should be a criminal investigation, not a family court cover-up by Judge Pauffley. Please allow your constituents, if any do contact you, to know your views clearly. Please sign the public petition and leave a comment for the public to know your views.


Supporters of Alisa & Gabriel

PS Due to the time-frame within which these allegations have already been made public it is likely that evidence of the cult’s activity at the school and church concerned will have been destroyed and the premises sanitized. However there is substantial other evidence that what the children have been saying is true.


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