[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hChZu13r15g]The Pedophilia Revolution Of Aleister Crowley


Published on Oct 2, 2015

What began with the disgusting revelations of the British Top Of The Pops host Jimmy Saville and his decades of rampant pedophilia, necrophilia, and satanism has convulsed into a full fledged unmasking of a three decades long call boy ring fueled by government officials, entertainers, government spies, and Royal Palace workers.

The focus of the investigation rests on the West London location known as the Elm Guest House. The Elm Guest House fronted as a gay bath house. But, as numerous victims have attested to, it was primarily a child sex abuse house of horrors for the elite.

Decades of abuse detailed by middle aged victims now coming forward has vigorously reopened a case that is finding new champions in the younger parliamentary generation.

The revelations are so vast and damaging, the English government was forced to declare the investigation a national security issue. Opening this dark demonic closet of the seedy side of British Culture only serves to gain momentum as details emerge of Prime Minister Cameron simulating fornication with a pig during a college occult ritual. And the elite relish their rituals. Hermetic Rituals originating from the ancient Egyptian city of Khmun or Hermopolis a Greek synthesis of the worship of Thoth with that of the Greek God Hermes. Hermeticism reached a cultural metamorphosis in the modern age by several 19th authors including Eliphas Levi, Samuel Liddell McGregor Mathers, Arthur Edward Waite and Waite’s Golden Dawn nemesis the pedophiliac Aleister Crowley.

Crowley was quoted as saying “A made child of perfect innocence is the most suitable victim.” And with this sentiment in mind he setup an Abbey of Thelema in Sicily, Italy. This Abbey served Crowley as a laboratory of sex magic, ranging from ritual sacrifice to pedaphilia. In 1923 Crowley was booted out of Italy by Benito Mussolini after news of a death at the Abbey was reported. Crowley, penniless and a hard core heroin addict, then landed in France. As ridiculous as it may seem, unconfirmed claims tie the conception of Barbara Bush to the adulteress union of Aleister Crowley and Pauline Pierce conducted during a sex magic ritual that occurred in France in 1924. Possibly making George W the grandson of the wickedest man in the world. Which, if true, would definitely add more weight to the ritualistic events surrounding the tragedy of 9/11.

Crowley’s rock star-esque influence has spread through entertainment, freemasonry, and political spheres for decades. It is no wonder that the unnatural and hidden world of pedophilia running rampant within the highest places of power would strive to finally be accepted as a sexual preference by an obligated sycophantic press catering to their globalist pedophile masters to test the moral and ethical waters of the public mind. Superimposed as a grand psyop over Crowley’s sickening hidden rituals aggressively being conducted from mid September to Mid November.