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“Did Christianity Really Come From Zoroastrianism?” — If any borrowing was done, it was likely Zoroastrianism borrowing from Judaism/Christianity

As society gets darker, more are trying to discredit Christianity, but the facts never support the claims.

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“Did Christianity Really Come From Zoroastrianism?”

Michael Gleghorn

…the evidence actually indicates that Zoroaster wasn’t even born until about the time of the Babylonian Captivity. Kenneth Boa states that his dates are sometimes given as 628-551 B.C. (Cults, World Religions and the Occult [Illinois: Victor Books, 1990], 45). …

It is certainly true that Zoroaster spoke of such things as “… the coming of a savior and the resurrection of the body,” etc. (Ibid., 44). But he may have borrowed these ideas from the Jewish captives in Babylon. Indeed, it appears that all of these ideas can be found in the Jewish Scriptures PRIOR to the Babylonian Captivity.

For instance, even if we grant the contention of the person who wrote the web article you referred me to, that Isaiah offers the first, full monotheistic conception of God (e.g. Isaiah 43:10-13), it by no means follows that Isaiah borrowed this conception from Zoroastrianism! Indeed, Isaiah wrote his book BEFORE Zoroaster was even born! The period in which Isaiah was writing was roughly that of 740-680 B.C. Thus, if there was any borrowing, it was Zoroaster borrowing from Isaiah–not vice-versa. Besides this, LaSor argues that Zoroaster was not a true monotheist anyway, but a polytheist. …

In addition, the coming of a savior is promised as early as Gen. 3:15 in the Bible. This was long before the birth of Zoroaster. Genesis was probably written between 1450-1410 B.C. And there are numerous other Messianic prophecies before the Babylonian Captivity (e.g. in Numbers 24:17 (Law); Psalm 22–especially v. 1, 7-8, 14-18 (writings); Isaiah 52:12-53:12 (Prophets)). All of these prophecies were given BEFORE the birth of Zoroaster and the development of Zoroastrianism. …

The resurrection of the body seems clearly alluded to in Job 19:25-27. Although this book may have been written during the time of Solomon (approx. 965 B.C.), the events themselves are almost certainly from the patriarchal period (approx. 2000 B.C.). Additionally, Psalm 16:10, written by David long before the Babylonian Captivity also alludes to the physical resurrection of the Messiah (see Acts 2:25-32). …

if any borrowing was done, it was likely Zoroastrianism borrowing from Judaism/Christianity.

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  1. Research proves out the ancients believed in a savior long before Moses was born, but here is the part that few know. When God announced to the Serpent (Satan)that He would send one to bruise his head, Satan understood this and from Genesis on Satan tried to prevent it, even to the point of contaminating the gene pool. So he Satan introduced this concept to the pagans, the ancients worshipped a goddess who was referred as Ishtar who had many names depending on the part of the world, Ishtar, Iana, Isis, Aphrodite, Venus, Libertis Queen of Heaven, Mother of Harlots Etc. Etc. this goddess introduced temple prostitution, the women of Babylonia had to visit the temple at least once in their lifetime, this was done hoping one of them would get pregnant by their god to bring forth a savior. This is way to long and deep to put on here, Of course Satan and his fallen angels knew that God would it happen, but Satan could control foolish man by this deceit. When Jesus was born and then crucified was when the prophecy was fulfilled that depicted Jesus’ heel being bruised and Satan’s head being bruised. What a prophecy and what a magnificent plan to defeat that boisterous powerful enemy of God and his creation, how wonderful and marvelous is this plan yet sadly few people and it seems today that most Christians don’t really understand it. There is much that archeologists have uncovered that proves God is real, not the other way around, science and the Bible actually agrees, I believe it’s the misunderstanding of the first verses in Genesis, not to mention what could have been purposely left out of the Scriptures beginning a century after the Apostles. For instance it was understood that the Son’s of God mentioned in Genesis were angels not Sethites that most claim today, this didn’t change until just one man around the fourth century AD All the Old Testament people knew the son’s of God were fallen angels, Historians like the famous Flavius Josephus wrote about them. Satan isn’t about to give up the fight and will continue to deceive to his bitter end. Beware of some new Bible translations they have omitted the name of Jesus, those of us who know the Scriptures would know that Jesus was being referred to but those without that knowledge could become confused the Bible calls them on milk and not meat. I cant do paragraphs on this computer, sorry. I hope I have given enough information to Whet the appetite, with the advent of the computer it’s easier today than ever to visit what has been discovered recently in the archeological world. It’s seems like the symbolic sea beast of Revelation 13 is about to make his final onslaught against true Christians. The way I counted the names and mountains that they represented in their reigns and the number of names, that number 666 could be on us today, but we are definitely at 665. BTW many if not most Christians mingle John’s sea beast with the Dragon, Daniels seven headed beast with seven crowns they are different but do have some of the same characteristics. Pagan Rome was the last of the way Satan controlled the world governments, he shifted gears so to speak to a ecclesiastical form as shown in Johns sea beast. Point being to mingle these two beasts and consider them the same can only produce error. May God You All. Harper

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