New Tarantino Film Features Black-on-White Gay Rape (NSFW)

By Andrew Anglin (Dailystormer)

Quentin Tarantino’s latest anti-racist propaganda film, entitled The Hateful Eight, features an interracial gay rape scene, where a Black man forces a White man to perform oral sex on him as revenge for the civil war. …

Tarantino has been aggressively supporting Black Lives Matter as of late, and the film is consciously a piece of anti-racist propaganda, in the way that his previous two films have been. These films compose an anti-White trilogy, featuring allegedly oppressed persons engaged in outrageous sadistic abuse of Whites.

His 2009 film Inglorious Basterds featured Jews torturing and killing Nazis. Actor Eli Roth referred to the film as “Jewish torture porn.”

This is on some level merely shock material; Tarantino has continually pushed the boundaries of acceptability, as part of a purposeful operation to undermine cultural standards, and there was very little left to do to shock people other than forced gay interracial oral sex.

But the shock material Tarantino uses is focused on degrading the White man as much as possible in the name of his Jewish masters, the Weinstein Brothers, who have produced all three of his racial activist films. …

It will be interesting to see how the film – the gay interracial forced blowjob scene in particular, which is what people are going to walk out of the film thinking about – is received by the masses. My prediction is that even young people will view this as having gone too far. It may even help to wake people up to the fact that the Jewish entertainment media is deliberately pushing the dehumanization of Whites, especially White men.

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