People need to know that Rupert Murdoch‘s infobabes aren’t whom they appear to be. He uses pretty people to sell the globalists’ reverse-Christian, post-9/11 wars and the unconstitutional, NSA police state to conservatives.

Her new nose “softens her features for a more feminine look.”

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Did Megyn Kelly Really Get Plastic Surgery?

Megyn is rumored to have had Botox to achieve the younger look that she is known for. The procedure works by paralyzing the muscles of the face. This serves to reduce the problem of skin wrinkling. It is apparent that the popular celebrity has had fillers and Botox among other procedures. Another aspect of Megyn Kelly plastic surgery is a nose job. The nose that she originally had was much larger and rounded at the tip. The nose job procedure was performed with the aim of reshaping her nose. It is not clear how many nose job she has had but the transition would require at least two procedures for it to be effective. …

In Megyn’s case the nose needed to be repositioned to fit in properly with the rest of her face and soften her features for a more feminine look. …

She also appears to have had breast implants. … It is possible that the Megyn’s incision was around her armpit because the scar has been visible in that area. …

The outspoken star has also been showing off an impressive set of teeth that could be the result of expertly placed veneers.

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