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“Bernie is actually pretty popular among Satanists”
Adan Salazar | – FEBRUARY 12, 2016

Several members of the Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash cautioned the image looks bad for the campaign and asked for it to be removed.


But many, many others embraced the supposed endorsement.


While supporters attempt to distance Sanders’ brand of socialism from Communism, revolutionaries instrumental in shaping the ideology, in particular Vladimir Lenin, have openly admitted, “The goal of socialism is Communism.”

In a 1986 book entitled Marx & Satan, author Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned for 14 years by the Communist government of Romania for espousing Christian beliefs, demonstrates through direct quotes that the man credited as the father of Communism crafted the ideology with inspiration from the powers of darkness and with the intent to destroy religion.

“Marx believed in hell. And his program, the driving force in his life, was to send men to hell.”

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Bernie Sanders is a Warmonger – His Record Proves!

(video) *JEWISH* TRUTHER Gilad Atzmon on Jewish Power: BERNIE SANDERS is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, as are Chomsky, Finkelstein, ‘Democracy Now’… • “When Jews accept that something about them is becoming a problem they INVENT THEIR OWN DISSENT” • America becoming a service economy is the “JEWIFICATION OF THE WESTERN WAY OF THINKING” • Rivero: “We call it the ‘Zionification of America’” • Atzmon: ~”When we call it ‘Zionification’ it’s because we are AFRAID TO USE THE ‘J’ WORD. It’s NOT ‘ZIONIFICATION’ because there is no connection between the Jews desiring to move to Palestine and the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA AS A PRODUCTIVE PLACE” • Rivero: “We’re so focused on making sure that we are not discriminating against other people that WE DON’T RECOGNIZE when we ourselves are being discriminated against” — ‘What Really Happened Show’ 2/2/16