I have a lot of respect for this articles’ author, Charles Carlson, head of We Hold These Truths, where he exposes “Christian” Zionism as reverse-Christian and unloving.

This is the first article I’ve seen about Bernie that perks my ears. Regarding the banks, though, how much good would it do if he doesn’t mention the Fed, which isn’t Federal or Constitutional, and is the main source of the problem?

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NY Times Attacks Bernie Sanders For Not Sounding Jewish Enough

Posted by News Post  February 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders  is closing in on Hillary Clinton, running adds promising to break up the US monopoly banks, a promise not heard in my lifetime from a major party candidate, and a very tough job.  It should be no surprise that the bankers’ pal-media has comes on with an attack on Sanders.  This one seem to be a skimpy shot even for the New York Times…they pick on Senator Sanders because he is not painting himself as being Jewish enough!

It seems Sanders rather proudly spoke of his father as a “Polish Immigrant.”  But NY Times think he should call dad something more ethnic.  I suppose if he would have called his father a “Jewish exile from Poland” this would have made the Times happy.  And if  Sanders was to emigrate to somewhere else, he should call himself a “Jewish exile” instead of an emigrating American Citizen? The rest of us do not have to put a “Baptist” “Catholic” or “none of the above” after our name, why does Bernie Sanders?  The fact is, Sanders is under the skin of Wall Street and its mouthpieces media, The NY Times, which is just beginning to go on the attack as he gains ground and young supporters, and a few older ones too!  A clip from this negative story follows to make the point, and a link if you need more evidence that the attack is on! [Ed. – CEC]

New York Times: Bernie Sanders Is Jewish, but He Doesn’t Like to Talk About It

“When Senator Bernie Sanders thanked supporters for his landslide victory in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, he wistfully reminisced about his upbringing as “the son of a Polish immigrant who came to this country speaking no English and having no money.” While the crowd cheered, Rabbi Michael Paley of New York was among many Jews watching the speech who were taken aback. He said he was surprised that the Vermont senator had not explicitly described his father as a “Polish Jewish immigrant,” a significant distinction given Poland’s checkered history with its Jewish population. “Nobody in Poland would have considered Bernie a Pole,” Rabbi Paley said. Two days later, in a debate with Hillary .” to read the whole story click here – NY Times


Bernie’s Iraq War Hypocrisy — Voted twice in support of regime change in Iraq • The economic sanctions that may have killed as many as 500,000 Iraqi children

Bernie Sanders is a Warmonger – His Record Proves!

(video) *JEWISH* TRUTHER Gilad Atzmon on Jewish Power: BERNIE SANDERS is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, as are Chomsky, Finkelstein, ‘Democracy Now’… • “When Jews accept that something about them is becoming a problem they INVENT THEIR OWN DISSENT” • America becoming a service economy is the “JEWIFICATION OF THE WESTERN WAY OF THINKING” • Rivero: “We call it the ‘Zionification of America’” • Atzmon: ~”When we call it ‘Zionification’ it’s because we are AFRAID TO USE THE ‘J’ WORD. It’s NOT ‘ZIONIFICATION’ because there is no connection between the Jews desiring to move to Palestine and the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA AS A PRODUCTIVE PLACE” • Rivero: “We’re so focused on making sure that we are not discriminating against other people that WE DON’T RECOGNIZE when we ourselves are being discriminated against” — ‘What Really Happened Show’ 2/2/16