To even think such a thing is twisted. To say it in private is revolting! To say it in public on the airwaves…!!

Beck has done a lot of damage to America, mocking and hating people — a reverse-Christian role model whom people still admire.

Why is he still on the air? Hasn’t he destroyed America enough?

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From: The Daily Caller

Glenn Beck’s Trump Riff: ‘The Stabbing Just Wouldn’t Stop’ [AUDIO]

Beck went on: “If I was close enough and had a knife, the stabbing just wouldn’t stop.”

Audio and Article Here


(video) Donald Trump Death Threats Allowed by YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook — More of the countless examples of death threats being allowed by liberals on all major social media and video sharing platforms, but if you use too strong of language when criticize feminists or homosexuals, your accounts often get deleted for supposed “terms of service” violations