8:45 “Calvin was originally Cohen.”

John Calvin originated once-saved-always-saved, which I’m convinced is the false doctrine that is destroying America, and talk about this on my spiritual blog.

I don’t include part 2, because John pushes atheism, and the content isn’t as interesting.

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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mb4NwBjjUE]Brian Ruhe Interviews John Kaminski – 1 of 2

Brian Ruhe

Brian Ruhe

Published on Apr 6, 2016

Welcome! This video is the first appearance by John Kaminski on The Brian Ruhe Show! Here is a link to John and his work:

John also recommends John Taylor Gatto:

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. He is a journalist who served as editor at no less than eight different small newspapers over a period of three decades, Kaminski more recently has distinguished himself on the Internet as one of the very few who wholeheartedly opposes this Jewish perversion of reality that now threatens the health of every living thing on Planet Earth.

As a result of his forthright analyses implicating Jewish bankers in the most heinous plots ever perpetrated on humankind, Kaminski has been banned from many websites which depend on covert Jewish money for their continued existence, a dark compromise which has polluted and diminished the quality most of the world’s businesses because of their dependence on a commodity which has been controlled by Jews for centuries — money.

There is no money in telling the truth, which his host Brian Ruhe confirms. Kaminski has no money, almost literally. But his words have resonated in the minds of many conscious listeners and readers, and his reputation for unflinching criticism of the worldwide International Jewish criminal network has gained him the appreciation of many who also seek to live in a just world.

John Kaminski has been writing about the Jewish takeover of reality for ten years. Before that he was one of the early 9/11 skeptics. First he started calling the culprits Zionists and he was very popular. Then about 2005 … he went through a period of banishment from many websites and lots of radio shows where he had previously been a popular guest. There was a time, in the early post 9/11 days, when he had 7.5 million hits on Google. Then he started talking about Jews and a lot of opportunities dried up. He once got thrown out of an RBN show, being called an anti-‘semite. John has smoked out a lot of phonies and he is still doing it. I am happy to say today there are a lot more people clued into the Jewish control of reality. I think John had something to do with that.

Kaminski leaped into prominence with his relentless examination of the 9/11/2001 tragedy, about which he concluded that Muslims had nothing to do with these dastardly acts. 9/11 was wholly the work of the cynical people who managed to steal and control the American presidency and Congress at the beginning of the 20th century. These people are principally the so-called elite Jewish bankers who savaged England, France, Russia, and Germany by funding subversive attacks on decent people. Now they have just about destroyed the United States as well.

Jewish bankers have been the driving force behind all the wars in history, Kaminski insists, because of their skill in manipulating interest-bearing debt and the unsuspecting people who incur that debt.

Now it seems, the world is finally coming around to Kaminski’s way of thinking, motivated by the recent episode of Israelis shooting unarmed people in the head on the high seas when they attacked the Freedom Flotilla on its compassionate and humanitarian mission to assist the Palestinians in Gaza.

“It’s typical Jewish behavior,” Kaminski says. “The guiding force of Judaism is the Talmud, and the Talmud is the heart of darkness in human history. Everything that is evil in the world can be traced to its teachings.”

One look at the state of affairs in the world today reveals the correctness of this statement. Kaminski continues his quest to enlighten the world about the Jewish threat to everyone’s continued existence.