Since the media and education consistently put down men and elevate women to destroy families and western civilization, this is the first time I recall ever seeing an article specifically showing these differences which female power and the globalists don’t want people to know.

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Why is this information being systematically suppressed?

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Sex Differences in Physical Ability

The most obvious difference between men and women is their physique, which translates to very large differences in physical prowess. A 2010 review by anthropologist David Puts has captured these differences.[1]

Men are larger, stronger, faster, and more physically aggressive than women – and the degree of sexual dimorphism in these traits rivals that of species with intense male contests.

Sex differences in stature is relatively modest with men being about 10% bigger with 20% more body mass.[2] However, these seemingly modest figures greatly underestimate the magnitude of sex differences in strength and speed, partly because women are unique among primates in having copious fat stores.[3]

When fat-free mass is considered, men are 40% heavier and have 60% more total lean muscle mass than women. Men have 80% greater arm muscle mass and 50% more lower-body muscle mass. Men have about 90% greater upper-body strength and about 65% greater lower-body strength: the average man is stronger than 99.9% of women. In terms of anaerobic power, men have over 45% higher vertical leap and over 25% faster sprint times.[4][5][6]  [Editor, 2023: I question this last sentence. As of 2022, with possibly biological men competing as women and steroids figuring lowering the difference, 2022 tats show a 10% male advantage in the 200 meter sprint and a 15% male advantage in the high jump in world records.] Sex differences in anaerobic sprint speeds are not narrowing and some data suggest that the gap may have widened in the last decade.[7][8] 


Sex Differences in Psychomotor Ability

The full range of sex differences in physical prowess go beyond strength and speed, into the realm of psychomotor abilities. Psychomotor abilities refer to skills that arise from brain–body coordination. …

Psychomotor Taxonomy, Thorley and McDaniel 2013, Table 1


The results from calculated mean differences show that:

  • Speed of Limb Movement slightly favoured men (g=0.05)
  • Wrist-Finger Speed strongly favoured men (g=0.63)
  • Control Precision moderately favoured men (g=0.42)
  • Aiming strongly favoured men (g=0.74)
  • Steadiness moderately favoured women (g=0.48)
  • Multi-Limb Co-ordination very strongly favoured men (g=1.23)
  • Reaction Time moderately favoured men (g=0.30)
  • Motor Co-ordination slightly favoured women (g=0.25)
  • Finger Dexterity moderately favoured women (g=0.37)
  • Manual Dexterity slightly favoured women (g=0.19)

However, two major confounds here overestimate the female advantage in all four categories:

  1. All the measures that show a female advantage involve the manipulation of objects too small for the average male hands. For example, the female advantage appears in Pegboard tasks that use smaller pegs but disappears in the GATB M and the Large Peg measures. Indeed, it has been found that when finger size is taken into account, the female advantage is nulled or reversed.[11][12]



Measurable sex differences in strength, speed, resilience and endurance as well as in motor control, precision and complexity can largely explain male dominance in occupational settings which rely on these traits.


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